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Full Version: Mugwhump - Mutilator
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Artist: Mugwhump
Album: Mutilator
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT018
Released: 2009-08-05
Style: IDM / Drum n Bass / Experimental / Ambient

01. Billy Idol (3:17)
02. R'lyeh (4:42)
03. Klinkerz (4:49)
04. Divine Base (2:36)
05. Squarial (2:33)
06. Ich Bin Dein Lieblings Becher! (3:48)
07. Beef Breakz (1:30)
08. Carnauba (3:26)
09. Beef Trax (4:12)
10. Petal (3:04)
11. Pop Loops (5:03)
12. The Black Cat (5:16)
13. Back Track (3:18)
14. Stairlift To The Stars (4:09)
15. Beeph (3:50)
16. Petal (Interlude) (1:22)

Mugwhumps's "The Mutilator" album. Well, we love to expect the unexpected. Here we have an interesting, ever-changing piece of music, but still we can categorize it as IDMish Drum & Bass. Or Drum & Bassy IDM? Also, there is some Experimentish Ambient. Seems like great deal of inspiration was incorporated into this great release, and probably again, it's not for anyone's ear. This music is so rich and demands attention, and one may think that's the failure of it, but he is utterly and definitely wrong. One thing is sure - when/if this becomes mainstream, we can be sure conscious revolution already happened wink.gif. But it's surely be after WWIII....

Message from author:
Well, I really don't have much of a philosophy, which I suppose sums up my approach to music-making. I've been through the mill with sequencers & midi and decided that It's something of a creative dead-end (for me). I like nothing more than starting from a single sound, expanding and warping it into something interesting then adding the next (& so on). I don't really see my work as "songs", to me it's more like a collage of noise.

Big influences :- William Burroughs, Negativland, People Like Us and all the other plunderphonic gods. Although my musical roots are in hip-hop/electro/acid/hardcore/jungle etc etc. My biggest musical mentor is the weed. Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.

My main problem with making electronic music is that there are so many amazing records, so much history, that I feel kinda crushed by it all. This release was all about exorcising my music-tech demons, to unlearn the un-necessary & get back to something more immediate. I'm not trying to be the best at what I do, and don't want to wow the listener with my beat-mangling skills - I'll leave that to the big boys with more time on their hands!

All the music is made in Cool Edit Pro, no sequencers or samplers. Just pcm audio and a fuckofalot of plugins.

I hope the listener enjoys, and has the patience to listen to the LP a few times before making their mind up.

Cheers... Paul

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Downloading now! wink.gif Review to be posted later.
Are you maybe planning on u/l-ing the 320kbps vesion?

Btw, big up for this release.
No, that's not in the plan...
Very cool stuff. Really enjoyed it. Reminded me of a less-intense Aaron Funk, which isn't a bad thing at all.
Thanks for another great TT release, im really loving the stuff on this label.
Good stuff man, thanks for the upload, great to chill and make pizzas at work.
-Jack, cold and dead yes.gif
QUOTE (vmn551 @ 06. Aug 2009, 02:12) *
Thanks for another great TT release, im really loving the stuff on this label.

Cheers another brilliant release!

After listening to the release a few times i can say track 2 has gotta be my favorite.
Overall the album has a really cool mix of sounds and styles and at one point i swore i was listening to Aphex Twin.
Thanks for this one man.
Downloading, review later biggrin.gif
Thanks a lot for release.
Downloading......will post opinion later.
Can't wait to listen while ^HIGH^, is this artist on the forums?
Yes, he is x0m81e.
Listened and loved ! Big up.
I can't praise this enough. A very satisfying listen bridging many genres. I don't think I've heard anything like it. I know the work of this guy so I wont go on, but as my first torrentech d/l this is an awesome introduction to the site
QUOTE (valvestat @ 28. Aug 2009, 19:01) *
I can't praise this enough....

High praise indeed coming from a musical genius such as yerself Valvestat thumbsup.gif
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