Artist: KDES
Label: floatingjoint / kosmoplovci
Catalog Nr.: KOOI0012
Released: 2003
Style: Dark Ambient / Abstract / Noise / Experimental

01. kdes + helmut schaefer - live at [part1] (53:36 / 49MB)
02. kdes + helmut schaefer - live at [part2] (8:44 / 8MB)
03. lenz + kdes + helmut schaefer - live at [part3] (19:33 / 17.9MB)

quite succesfull and inspiring kdes visit and performance in graz results in creation of an adequate web place in networked space of kosmoplovci. beside it's hypnotic atmosphere, kdes@in-dust website provides mp3 downloads of concert recordings, links to all participants and official representatives.

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