Artist: Corrosion
Album: CRSMODS 01-60
Discogs: n/a
Label: corrosion / kosmoplovci
Catalog Nr.: CRS0001-CRS0060 / KOOI0004
Released: 1997-2001
Source: MOD / XM / IT / MED / DBM

CRS00001: phuzzy & dominator: down by one
CRS00002: asarhad: diablos mundos
CRS00003: dominator: 6-0-1 remix
CRS00004: phuzzy logik: linea metrica
CRS00005: asarhad: perfectly normal beast
CRS00006: dominator: deadbeat
CRS00007: asarhad: imagine a tree
CRS00008: dominator: xternal eternal
CRS00009: phuzzy logik: rancid raven
CRS00010: dominator: stolen petardo
CRS00011: phuzzy logik: black break
CRS00012: asarhad: vekaritihualtanaja
CRS00013: dominator: conspirators
CRS00014: phuzzy logik: naked
CRS00015: asarhad: subsidive neophyte
CRS00016: asarhad: refundation
CRS00017: phuzzy logik: the great spirit EP
CRS00019: phuzzy logik: primitive
CRS00020: dominator: splash
CRS00021: phuzzy logik: wrath of the guild
CRS00022: dominator: burning out
CRS00023: dominator & paranoid: shishtarsh
CRS00024: paranoid & dominator: jebotezec
CRS00025: phuzzy logik: dybijo
CRS00026: dominator: lethal zone
CRS00027: dominator: dirty harry
CRS00028: ilke/pas maters: higher than the sun
CRS00029: dominator: fake progress
CRS00030: asarhad: wu-dan EP
CRS00031: phuzzy logik: the days after EP
CRS00032: dominator: agony
CRS00033: dominator: hardcoded sorrow
CRS00034: jocko: 360 degrees EP
CRS00035: asarhad: pain killa'
CRS00036: phuzzy logik: dead people
CRS00037: phuzzy logik: time 2 rebel
CRS00038: juice/phd: corewar ep
CRS00039: dominator: acid-o-feel ep
CRS00040: dominator & phuzzy: the gathering ep
CRS00041: dominator: calculated risk
CRS00042: phuzzy logik: wronskian
CRS00043: corrosion: atomic shelter tunes vol.1
CRS00044: dominator: new world disorder
CRS00045: dominator: uptempo
CRS00046: phase: green photekamera
CRS00047: dominator: transformation
CRS00048: asarhad: analogue summer ep
CRS00049: dominator: so far away
CRS00050: corrosion: megamix anniversary release
CRS00051: phase: awaken ep
CRS00052: dominator: the mix module pack
CRS00053: paranoid: do pensamento ao caos ep
CRS00054: dominator: flipped
CRS00055: phase: neutral
CRS00056: hardcorrosion/ltk: brain damage
CRS00057: speaker for the dead:
CRS00058: jocko: mendes
CRS00059: phase: apache
CRS00060: phase: timelock

This torrent release contains all corrosion_music official module packs released between 05/12/1997 and 28/03/2001.

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