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Full Version: Re-Drum - Slow Motion
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Artist: Re-Drum
Album: Slow Motion
Discogs: n/a
Label: Torrentech
Catalog: TT048
Released: 2014-11-17
Style: IDM / Downtempo

01. Boards Of Canada - Constants Are Changing (Re-Drum Reshape)
02. Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit (Re-Drum SloMo Mode)
03. Mira Calix - Sandsings (Boards Of Canada Remix) (Re-Drum SloMo Mode)
04. DJ Pierre - Box Energy (AFX Remix) (Re-Drum SloMo Mode)
05. Laurent Garnier - Revenge Of The Lolcat (Re-Drum SloMo Edit)
06. Sigha - Loop Two (Re-Drum SloMo Remix)
07. My Bloody Valentine vs. Charles Bukowski - Honey Power (Re-Drum Remix)
08. Re-Drum - The End Of The World

Slow Motion album by Re-Drum. A collection of remixes for some well known and famous artist + 1 original track. A concept that joins all these tracks together is slowing down of samples and loops from original tracks. Overall feeling of the album is ambiental and relaxing, but in the same time very psychedelic. Exception from this format is track 6 which is pure techno madness, a real underground beast which pulsates hypnotically. This is supposed to be the last Re-Drum's release on Torrentech netlabel. That fact kind of makes sad, but I fully understand his decision, we're really a small underground netlabel and it's almost a miracle when the artist of his calibre gives that much music for free. Re-Drum obviously understood our intention to release only good stuff, and nothing but a good stuff was coming from his kitchen! Thanks Re-Drum, huge thanks!

Message from author:
Here we are dear Torrentech folks, my latest album of reworks and remixes is out there and I have to say this will be my last on here. Torrentech has been a great adventure, but I need to seek out other ways of distributing my stuff, maybe unconventional ways like this project we did with Really Records: putting usb keys with tracks on them in a forest. This album is my way of saying goodbye and goodluck for this great netlabel, always open for challenging music.

As for the album itself, as the name would suggest, it's mainly based on tracks and samples which the speed is lowered. It seems there is a whole movement of this kind now, and I think it's an effect of our increasing rapid society. People seem to run out of time constantly and I'm one of those who would gently say... calm the fuck down and breathe! But this album is more than just reducing speeds, it mixes different attitudes, languages, sound producing technologies, to try and bring this diversity in an eclectic album. Now that I have listened to it multiple times I can say it has an ever deeper message, but that's something you have to find out. I created it without thinking too much about it, just feeling it (I'm like a zombie controlled by a subconscious process while creating music hahaha). The analysis always comes afterwards. So, what's your interpretation? And most importantly, does it move you emotionally?

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Hi there - I can't seem to be able to download from the torrent file; is there a way to download the album from a sister site? I am sure I remember doing that last time for some stuff on here?

At any rate, thanks for the music you've provided and I wish you well for the future

Cheers biggrin.gif cool.gif
pyc is available too for download, but I am interested why you think you can't download from torrent file, already 10 seeders here...
New Re-Drum wub.gif

*edit* I am fully loving this - just got to the DJ Pierre track and it's fully mental thumbsup.gif
chapeau !
it's a fucking blast !
i love u redrum !
A little message to first say thank you for the comments and the general appreciation that my music generated through this community. It will miss me, but got to move forward.

Secondly, I would like to invite people to go at my bandcamp page, to be updated about new albums (there is one btw) :

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