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Full Version: Cryxuss - Harey
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Artist: Cryxuss
Album: Harey
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT041
Released: 2011-11-16
Style: Ambient

01. The Rebirth (9:06)
02. The Illusion (12:40)
03. The Understanding (18:08)
04. Echoes (10:16)

"Harey", a debut album for Cryxuss is out. It's named after a female character from Solaris by Stanislav Lem. This beautiful ambiental music is mostly for relaxed background listening and spinning over and over again. It is conceptual album with deeper introspective story about inspiration and intentions. Because this is definitely not for fast consumers, try to listen to it in its full length and even put it on rotation. It definitely brings a positive and calming mood with a bit of a melancholic feel.

Message from the artist:
Harey is the female main character of the novel "Solaris" by Stanislav Lem; she returns to life thanks to the mysterious power of the planet Solaris, which captured the feelings of Harey’s husband (a scientist who was exploring the planet) and create a wife's clone based on his memories.

My LP intends to translate the feelings of this "non-human woman" into sounds, through all the passages of her new life, from the "rebirth" to the end, which is represented by the comprehension of her non-humanity and the impossibility of turning back to the real life. "The Rebirth" represents the chaos and fear that the resurrection provoked to the new Harey, back to life after having committed suicide. "The Illusion" represents the hope to live again, to love again... "The Understanding" represents the loss of all the expectations.

Thank you!

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Hi there

This sounds perfect for what I like to listen too and mix with a lot of the time; I've been recently doing a series of ambient and similar styled mixes so chances are I'd like to use one of your tracks - I hope this will be ok? I of course credit every artist I use especially the more underground/unsigned talent and I'll gladly send you a copy of whatever mix it is I use it for as well as sending any listeners who might be interested in your sound over to here or maybe soundcloud or similar if your on there? I have a page too I'm not sure if I am allowed to leave links but admins if your reading this and need to delete, I understand and apologies:

I am looking forward to hearing this I'll try and post back some feedback when I have time


Steve F
No problem Steve, all our releases are under some kind of Creative Commons licence, majority is not usable for commercial reasons, but some of releases even are (including this one)... at, you have the information under which licence is released every single Torrentech netlabel release...
Fantastic set of tunes, I really wish I had downloaded this earlier because I would absolutely have mixed it into my most recent set on Tt! I love both versions of Solaris and I can totally feel your interpretations. Superb work!!

I will have to do another one (set) yes.gif

Thank you thumbsup.gif
this is really awesome, just found it burried in the digital dumpster wink.gif
good work, hope to hear more of you again.
You will hear more from him in just a few days, that will be TT045, and my opinion is that it's even better. smile.gif
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