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Artist: Customer
Album: Checkout Line
Label: Torrentech
Catalog: TT001
Released: 2007-12-13
Style: IDM / Downtempo

01. Blue Oyster Cult
02. Late Night Lake
03. Fur Robe
04. Merry Christmas (Love Grandma)
05. Monochrome Clouds
06. Mystery (Intro Mix)
07. Plus Verre Terre
08. Surfing The Oort Cloud
09. Tropic Of Capricorn (6th Day Mix)
10. Waves
11. Lorimar Television
12. Palmz
13. Today Is Monday
14. Tropic Of Cancer
15. Slush
16. Neubauten

So here it is, the openning release for Torrentech netlabel. Our field of interest is electronic music, and be free to contact us if you want your stuff to be heard worldwide. One more thing: our music is free for download, because we believe the music is no business, it's art.

Customer's "Checkout Line" is a beautiful mixture of IDM and Downtempo vibes, very nice for easy in-house listening. A bit of melancholy and sadness, packed in some kind of happy and simple outfit. It's a weird combination, and possibly because of that, this music just works, giving you the feeling that artist gave you exactly what he wanted to.

Message from authors:
Customer began by accident in late 2002. We were in college, living in dorm rooms and writing songs to amuse ourselves and our friends. Today, we continue to make music for these reasons. However, since those days our music has remained largely confined to our computers, our rooms, and our headphones. With this release we look forward to once again sharing it with our friends.

We have been working on this album for longer than I care to admit and throughout the process the music has grown with us. For this album, we wound up returning largely to our original efforts (despite hundreds of song-ettes and remixes). They seem to capture something for us and maybe something about us. The songs are straightforward, simple, childish, optimistic, and always a little sad. Just like us. This album is a salute to unfounded optimism. it goes out to the childish and the sad. We hope you like it.

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nice to see the first tt label release smile.gif
woot-woot!!!! lol. Nice! this is a great album for fans of IDM or downtempo smile.gif
Listening to it right now and enjoying.
Thank You for sharing your "Art"
Will try it out tomorrow.
this is lovely stuff! the description sums it up perfectly.
will be listening to it for a while smile.gif
My congratulation!!! Beautiful work.
Thanx very much!

Going to listen it right now! cool.gif
thanks for the compliments everyone!
i hope you enjoy it, because thats what music is for; enjoyment.

any criticisms or suggestions are welcome.
Hi, why .rar? To continue seeding i should have the .rar file but for listening i must unrar it. so i will have it twice...

i have not listened even downloaded it... so no critics about music. I'm looking fwd to listen TT001 ;]
This is pretty much "official" so it's bad for people to have partially downloaded releases, and that's the reason why it's rar. Besides, it's available through HTTP too, and .rar is much better for distribution over it...

Come on... it's not such a problem, download it... it's a good release. smile.gif

very good release.. I just scrubbed it thru, but I'm listening to the whole thing now at work...
great stuff!

this release is great.
one of my friends came in, while i was listening to it, and he liked it as well. i even had to record it for him on cd.
well done!!!

actually- who made it?
its very nice to hear so gooood stuff with no "rights" at all!
Hope this is the beggining ....

Thanks alot!
nice one... really, just what i needed for today...
big up & keep em coming...
who made it actually?
Yeah! Really nice, thnx
hehe now im curious, just read the e-mail wink.gif
QUOTE (Aicis @ 14. Dec 2007, 07:36) *
actually- who made it?

QUOTE (phatprick @ 14. Dec 2007, 10:44) *
who made it actually?

I believe Infovision gets the credits for this one smile.gif
Yeaah Net Label working!! Great!! Go for it Infovision!!
thx.. i'll check this out.
yeee i really like this album, great work guys biggrin.gif

so and now i got a question would you mind if i up it on another site ? (i really think its worth it)
QUOTE (zipped @ 15. Dec 2007, 06:24) *
yeee i really like this album, great work guys biggrin.gif

so and now i got a question would you mind if i up it on another site ? (i really think its worth it)

go ahead.

i'm glad you like it.
Tryed to download from vizio, download crushed at 22MBs, heard only first 3 tracks, good job Info smile.gif. Will download full torrent tonight smile.gif One suggestion, maybe the TT net label should be splited in two sections, one more easy listening and one for harder and faster styles as techno, minimal, tech-house etc. CHEERZ, POZ
who splits labels?
QUOTE (Aicis @ 15. Dec 2007, 11:54) *
who splits labels?

look at all the sub-labels... some are for releasing different genres.
go ahead.

i'm glad you like it.

yee ill do biggrin.gif
Nice!!! biggrin.gif
I like it:D
Merci, c'est Gentil smile.gif
Seriously well done! This is excellent! biggrin.gif
Very nice piece! Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to any upcoming releases!
Very, very good Info, I enjoyed listening to this piece of art. smile.gif
Wow , an own netlabel ! ohmy.gif Great work guys !! smile.gif
Big up and best wishes for the future from Europe ... smile.gif

THX for your beautiful piece of art , loving it ! cool.gif

I>3 torrenttech !!
QUOTE (techhouse24 @ 24. Dec 2007, 18:52) *
I>3 torrenttech !!

nice one biggrin.gif
Great stuff there!
Congratulations, i need a lot of adjectives to qualify the songs in there...

Nice work!
Very nice Infovision!!! My absolutely favorites are Blue Oeyster Cult and Palmz....cheers!!!
Amazing work, the album did a number of different things for me but most of all gave me hope about tomorrow's music. A very big thanks to the creators for sharing this artpiece. Candy to my ears, will be recommending this for a while.
Customer Is Great. But The Second release Is Not My Genre.
Wow, this is really great stuff and better than a lot of the popular IDM works.
Now I know how I found this site... through Customer.
Thanks. Nice to see people making music for the right reasons. wink.gif
Thanks for the release! thumbsup.gif
Blue Oyster Cult - this song fits my mood for a few days now... endlessly sad sad.gif sad.gif
Thanks everyone for the good words. I'm glad you are enjoying this.
New Customer related music coming soon!
Simply Amazing.
Really great work, Infovision.
Can't believe I had overlooked this one for so long.
Infovision this is amazing man. Seriously... totally awesome. I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK TOO biggrin.gif Elephants!
Beautiful work
Heard Late Night Lake on the FilAwsephEyez - Monday the 13th set.
Had to find the full release!
Thanks for the quality tunes.
This is REALLY dark stuff.
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