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Full Version: Various - Cyan / In My Mind / New Kicks (Remixes)
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Artist: Various
Album: Cyan / In My Mind / New Kicks (Remixes)
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT028
Released: 2010-01-19
Style: Dubstep / IDM / Downtempo / Drum n Bass / Disco

01. Re-Drum - Cyan (7:15)
02. Re-Drum - Cyan (Dark Winter Remix By Josh Winiberg) (6:37)
03. Re-Drum - Cyan (Pink Eye Remix By DJSoul) (8:08)
04. Dark Invader - In My Mind (5:47)
05. Dark Invader - In My Mind (Sabotaj Vs. Dark Invader Remix) (4:32)
06. Dark Invader - In My Mind (Undefined Object Remix Feat. Polly) (4:06)
07. Customer - New Kicks (3:23)
08. Customer - New Kicks (Fila Got New Socks Remix By Georgie) (4:56)
09. Customer - New Kicks (New Sneakers Remix By Aldous) (5:08)

What we have here is the first Torrentech remix compilation! It's natural that we came to this point because of the strong online community that is responsible for plenty of friendships and ideas of remixing each others work. Remixes are really not constrained by genre the original track is, so we have some dubstep beast here made over smooth dnb or even a pure disco-house remix of IDM track, so yes... It's weird and pretty much worth listening. Torrentech artists, thank you for taking a part in this remixing project, and for your effort to push things on a next level (of communication) smile.gif

Canar, thanks for mastering this release!

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oh yeah !
Woohoo! Glad to see this one finally made it to the light of day. thumbsup.gif
I want to give another big thanks to the original artists for letting everyone massacre their tracks, and some big ups to all the members that contributed to the competition. And of course the community of Torrentech itself for making it possible. Thanks a lot everyone.
Cheers Pyc and cheers to the artists for allowing their work to be mercilessly hacked and sliced smile.gif
Listening now...the Sabotaj remix of In My Mind is fucking BOOM! Great job!
All of the remixers did great work. Congrats everyone, this looks like it turned out well.
thanks guys for making my original look like shit biggrin.gif
I did the final "mastering" and whatnot here... I kinda killed a bit of dynamics in some of the originals and it's all a bit hotter than is my personal preference, but such is the way of things these days. I hope no one disapproves too strongly. The volume levels in the originals varied by nearly 12dB in places! We couldn't quite release like that.
How much u charge for mastering canar?
LOL, for pyc it's always free! biggrin.gif
I guess a job like this isn't really too much work - just get the maximiser out, am I right? Since the individual tracks would have been mastered already (hopefully!)

However, if you do pro mastering I'd be really interested to talk about prices as well. I try to do everything myself and I think it's mostly alright (although I find mixing is harder than mastering) but I'd be interested in getting second opinions from people who really know what they're doing before I release my works in future.

Another question - do you master all of the releases or just the compilations? I never downloaded my album from here, but if you gave it a once over I'd be interested to hear the difference.
josh, actually, your track was just normalized to 0 db because you sent me a newer version compared to the one canar has been working on...
Ooo...sorry sad.gif

I just realised I've been mastering wrong actually. I always maximised it to -3db but industry standard is to -0.3...guess I must have read something wrong somewhere along the way!
This is the only TT release I've been involved with. If you want to further the personal stuff, Flint, you're welcome to PM me.
QUOTE (Canar @ 19. Jan 2010, 10:57) *
This is the only TT release I've been involved with. If you want to further the personal stuff, Flint, you're welcome to PM me.

Rock on, Canar!
I had so much fun listening to and voting on all the remixes during the competition!
Glad to see this release finally happened!
hell yeah this is dank.
Music lovers + Torrentech = This topic party.gif
nice one)
sick thanks!
wow this is very nice tt community is pretty hott
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