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Full Version: Seaflyte - Voyager
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Artist: Seaflyte
Album: Voyager
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT022
Released: 2009-11-25
Style: IDM / Ambient

01. 34.73361,-115.24417 (1:32)
02. Voyager (5:08)
03. Lakeside Apartment (1:20)
04. Heat Lake (4:52)

Another great release from Torrentech's kitchen. Very suitable for easy listening background music, + there's Voyager, more rhythmic and very catchy track that reminds me of the first half of 90ies when IDM sounds started to emerge. As for Boards of Canada - this album is real tribute to them, once more verifying the fact that they are one of the most influential electronic bands ever. Really nice vibes for long term listening. Thank you, Seaflyte!

Message from author:
This EP contains some of the tracks I've been doing in my spare time lately. I get inspired by other music such as Boards of Canada and Biosphere, and a lot by travelling as well. I always like to travel when I can, both physically and in my own mind. I love listening to music while on train or metro with my earphones, and in some way that inspired me in creating my own soundtrack for those trips. You can reach me at seaflyte @ gmail dot com

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Very nice, thx.
The Voyager track is my favorite. I consider it as enough "ambient", despite being catchy.
You can see Seaflyte entry at here :
This was a wonderful release - thank you very much!
This is very nice Seaflyte! Very good music to travel to, I can't wait to have it on headphones in the car on a long trip!
Voyager is a wicked track. Been playing it multiple times. The whole release is very BOC but that's a good thing.
really thx thumbsup.gif
very nice !
Thanks a lot, every music torrentech is suggesting me is quite good, i really enjoy torrentech releases !
Captain panda
I agree with all the others, great release! thumbsup.gif
Can't wait to hear it!
All of these tracks are messed up for me.... There are a lot of samples from the Silent Hill games in this album. I wish I knew why mine is messing up though.
beautiful! this goes very well with the bluemars streams that i have been listening to lately. thank you.
Ive been trying to extract, only the first track works - other ones are "damaged"
That really shouldn't be the case... Please re-download it...
Downloaded again, lifes good. Awesome tracks.
Voyager (the song) is just amazing! Beautiful stuff!

Cheers from Croatia.
Very nice stuff. I love Torrentech netlabel!!!
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