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> Uploading the same files to 2 different trackers
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Snatched this from waffles ...thanks guys wink.gif


step by step guide using uTorrent 1.6
by: thewimp
thanks to: Tich

This tutorial will explain how to upload an album to two different private trackers.
I have seen some people doing things like adding 2 trackers to the same torrent job, this is a bad thing and
will be flagged as cheating. So I decided to write this tutorial to help people do it the right way. Tich was the first to talk about that on the other thread, so the kudos go to him.
The tutorial was made using uTorrent 1.6, but may work with any version.


first you will need some album to upload. I'll use an imaginary one, let's call it "waffos - best hits"

now you have to upload it to the tracker, but first you'll need to create the torrent:
open uTorrent, click on 'create new torrent'.
a window will pop, now follow the instructions:

1 - click on 'add directory' and point to the folder you want to upload.
2 - paste the tracker url from waffles upload page/use your url with the passkey.
3 - since this is the first torrent you will create, it's recommended to leave this option on auto detect.
4 - UNTICK start seeding, TICK private torrent.
5 - click on 'create and save as...' button, the progress bar below it will fill up, and you'll be asked where you want to save the .torrent.

click on 'close' button.

now you can see a new job added to uTorrent, you may want to label it, or just leave it on No Label category.
click on the torrent job, you'll notice some tabs below it, click on the general tab, now you have to check the 'piece size' used by uTorrent .

this is needed because:
1 - the piece size was set to auto during torrent creation so you need to know what size was used.
2 - you will have to select a different piece size for the second torrent

now go to the upload page on waffles and select the .torrent you have created, upload it and start seeding.

ADDITIONAL STEPS: if you have used the standard tracker url (i.e. without passkey), you may have to download the .torrent file on the upload page in order to proper seed it. To do this, just download it from the page, open uTorrent, select the new torrent job you have created, CLICK ON REMOVE BUTTON (otherwise uTorrent will try to add new tracker to existing job), add the new .torrent you downloaded and point it to your album folder (in this case: G:\waffos - best hits).

now you're done with the first torrent, let's create the second torrent to upload to tracker.


click on create a new torrent, the same window will popup.

The folder will be the same as the first (YOU DON'T NEED TO MODIFY THE FILES INSIDE THE FOLDER).
Now you have to use the tracker, get it from your upload page.
IMPORTANT STEP: this is the where you do the trick, you'll have to select a different piece size for the new torrent. In this example, the first torrent have a piece size of 512 kB, so I'll select a close number, like 256 or 1024 kB.
Untick start seeding, TICK private torrent.
Click on 'create and save as...' and save the new .torrent on a different location, or with a different name (otherwise uTorrent will ask to overwrite the first one). remember to keep your .torrent stored because you may need them on the future.
uTorrent will add a new job and now you can see 2 exactly identical torrents on the job list, but one is for waffles and the other is for what. I strongly suggest that you create labels for better management of your upload jobs.
upload the new torrent to and start seeding.

That's it, you now have 2 identical torrents on two different private trackers!
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