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Torrentech: electronic music freex _ Torrentech _ Re-Drum - Re-Mix

Posted by: pyc 09. Jul 2011, 11:48

Artist: Re-Drum
Album: Re-Mix
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT038
Released: 2011-07-09
Style: Dub Techno / Trance / Glitchstep / Techno / Tech House / Ambient / Electro / Tribal House

01. aus - Clocks (Sons Of Magdalene Dub, Re-Drum Remix) (7:28)
02. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Re-Drum Remix) (6:12)
03. Plastikman - Ask Yourself (Re-Drum Remix) (4:45)
04. Wax - No. 30003 B (Re-Drum Remix) (4:31)
05. Julian Smith - Techno Jeep (Re-Drum Remix) (4:01)
06. Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Re-Drum Remix) (7:00)
07. 65daysofstatic - Crash Tactics (Re-Drum Glitchstep Remix) (4:02)
08. Bedrock Feat. KYO - For What You Dreamed Of (Re-Drum Remix) (5:36)
09. DJ Falcon - Unplugged (Re-Drum Mashup Edit) (4:51)
10. Re-Drum - Justin Bieber Gets Laid Tonight (3:44)

Our most devoted artist at Torrentech netlabel is back again. You guess... It's Re-Drum. This time, we're able to enjoy his visions of tracks written by some other composers, in popular language known as remixes smile.gif. Re-Drum is once again showing us the understanding for wide range of styles in electronic music, and almost every track on this album is in some other subgenre ranging from Ambient and Dub Techno, across Electro, Tribal House and Glitchstep to Techno and Trance. It's hard to give a common attribute in such diversity, but since music can be good or bad, I will be free to say that this is very good.

Message from the artist:
This album is a collection of unreleased remixes I have accumulated since 2010. For most of the remixes, I tried to keep the spirit of the original mix, not going too far but still creating my own interpretation. Also the first track is a remix of a remix and the last one is a collage using only justin bieber's "music". wink.gif

So, pick your fav track(s)! smile.gif

( : 302.65MB, : 4, : 0, : 471, : 12.05K ) : 484



302.36MB TT038_-_Re-Drum_-_Re-Mix.rar

Posted by: IRMA 09. Jul 2011, 15:26

QUOTE (pyc @ 09. Jul 2011, 12:48) *

woot.gif I thought I was the only person ever who used that word biggrin.gif

Posted by: Seskoi 09. Jul 2011, 17:18

Nice remix of Rhubarb !
Thanks for the great sound.

Posted by: Idle. 09. Jul 2011, 17:40

Thanks for the release!

Posted by: Hybr1dz 09. Jul 2011, 18:58

Can't wait to listen. Thanks for posting!

Posted by: purpaboo 10. Jul 2011, 08:48

QUOTE (Hybr1dz @ 09. Jul 2011, 18:58) *
Can't wait to listen. Thanks for posting!

Me too. Muchos gracias. :-)

Posted by: guywithoutaname 10. Jul 2011, 12:57

Love this release! These two were the highlight for me:
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Re-Drum Remix)
65daysofstatic - Crash Tactics (Re-Drum Glitchstep Remix)
and I'm not sure how it's possible this ended well, but it did:
Re-Drum - Justin Bieber Gets Laid Tonight

Posted by: pirsquared 11. Jul 2011, 21:46

i can't get the torrent to connect to any peers, any suggestions?

Posted by: AurelianoNile 11. Jul 2011, 23:15

i've heard your name all over tt, but i've never heard your music...i'm super impressed with just your tracklisting..props on the plastikman...i can't wait to listen, thanks much!

Posted by: pyc 12. Jul 2011, 00:31

QUOTE (pirsquared @ 11. Jul 2011, 22:46) *
i can't get the torrent to connect to any peers, any suggestions?

Tracker's OK, may be plenty of reasons why it's not working with your client. I'm gladly helping people through remote desktop sometimes if they catch me... You can't get much better answer than this because the problem is so undefined hehe smile.gif)

Posted by: pirsquared 12. Jul 2011, 15:44

strange, updateed the tracker and lost all the seeds, deleted the torrent and redownloaded and its working smile.gif can't wait to hear it

Posted by: WakuWaku 14. Jul 2011, 19:10

Wow man ... great job @ most part of the remixes .....

I love my trax @ long length, so thats my only "disappoitment", some trax are just tooooo short. Good idea for a Redrum-Re-Remix album by TT users.

Posted by: Idle. 15. Jul 2011, 10:49

Track #8 is going with me everywhere wink.gif Absolutely love this release!!

Posted by: pyc 15. Jul 2011, 12:07

Yeah I can say also that track is just right version of track... just a little bit darker, more techy, that's what we needed from that famous track...

Posted by: cakalkamil 25. Nov 2011, 22:47

Gonna listen this one. looks good, thanks smile.gif

Posted by: Slankoe 01. Dec 2011, 06:50



Posted by: wigit 09. Feb 2012, 05:40

some nice tracks here. love it!

Posted by: jaymon 07. Jan 2013, 02:28

2, 8 and 9 stand out for me. Overall great stuff, worth a listen!

Posted by: Re-Drum 07. Jan 2013, 10:28

QUOTE (jaymon @ 07. Jan 2013, 02:28) *
2, 8 and 9 stand out for me. Overall great stuff, worth a listen!

Cheers ! The new one is also on free download:

Posted by: TorrentLuv 11. Jan 2013, 12:03

Thank uploader smile.gif

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