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Torrentech: electronic music freex _ Torrentech _ Various - The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 3

Posted by: pyc 31. Mar 2010, 20:08

Artist: Various
Album: The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 3, selected and mixed by Pyc
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT030
Released: 2010-03-31
Style: Techno / Dubstep / IDM / Deep House / Downtempo / Minimal

01. Geche - Sepine
02. Re-Drum - Worried Man
03. Dark Invader - In My Mind (Undefined Object Remix Feat. Polly)
04. Geche - Lucier
05. FIDM - Conjuring
06. Re-Drum - Cyan (Dark Winter Remix By Josh Winiberg)
07. Seaflyte - Waterflow
08. Push-Button Saviour - Tomorrows
09. Push-Button Saviour - Always In Threes
10. Seaflyte - Voyager
11. Seaflyte - Arcadia Skies
12. Boxmode - Nameless City
13. Josh Winiberg - Game Over
14. Josh Winiberg - Gear Change
15. Boxmode - Strange Lights In The Jungle
16. Re-Drum - Dieu

Socialist Republic of Torrentech is presenting the best tracks choosen from 9 previous releases, in the form of a mix. I'm seriously in love with these tracks, and there's not much more that I can tell about them, except maybe that this mix is really eclectic, like all the previous Best Of mixes. Once again I wish to say thanks to all the contributing artists for sharing their inspiration with us and adopting the fact that the music is free, no matter what some may say. Let them live in their blinded world... Until they (hopefully) learn to appreciate basic freedoms and computer technology. P2P is everybody's friend.

( : 167.57MB, : 3, : 0, : 603, : 13.35K ) : 755



167.46MB TT030_-_Various_-_The_Best_Of_Torrentech_Vol._3.rar

Posted by: Flint Eastwood 31. Mar 2010, 21:34

Yo Pyc that cover art is SICK! It really moves when you look at it biggrin.gif I even had to double check that it was a JPG and not a GIF.

Great release, anyway. Just skipped through a few tracks, some of it I didn't hear yet as well. Boxmode is great, I need to pay that more attention. And of course, Dieu by Re-Drum...was a quality way to end the album!

Looking forward to hearing the whole thing back to back. Thanks for the good work and time it took to mix! I remember you saying these things take ages, so that's appreciated wink.gif

Posted by: vmn551 31. Mar 2010, 22:51

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Im so excited! Wasn't expecting this so soon! ttlove.gif

Posted by: Trafik 01. Apr 2010, 04:48

Totally Agree with the tracks figured here, it is a great compil to show the quality spirit find in TT label ! Many thanks.gif to all who have participated in this project ttlove.gif

Posted by: Mis_may 01. Apr 2010, 07:29

Looking forward to listening to this thumbsup.gif

Posted by: darkinvader 01. Apr 2010, 16:44

yay! biggrin.gif l <3 the last one! 30 releases and still going strong!

Posted by: Re-Drum 01. Apr 2010, 23:44

Super !


Posted by: IberiaEterea 05. Apr 2010, 05:23

Thanks for the release! smile.gif

Posted by: manu7 10. Apr 2010, 16:42

Thanks for the great work .
Keep up biggrin.gif

Posted by: Mitq 13. Apr 2010, 12:14

Can't wait to hear it!

Posted by: annna 27. Apr 2010, 16:36

i'll check it lately...

The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 3 nice smile.gif

Posted by: g3media 28. Apr 2010, 04:24

QUOTE (annna @ 27. Apr 2010, 11:36) *
i'll check it lately...

The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 3 nice smile.gif

tT's been pumping out that awesome wink.gif

Posted by: tribblin 03. May 2010, 20:25

QUOTE (g3media @ 27. Apr 2010, 21:24) *
QUOTE (annna @ 27. Apr 2010, 11:36) *
i'll check it lately...

The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 3 nice smile.gif

tT's been pumping out that awesome wink.gif

new to tt & thought i'd start with this. looking forward to it, thanks!

Posted by: Pendaz 10. May 2010, 12:19

man... epic!

any chance someone could up Dark Invader - Undefined Object Remix Feat. Polly ?

Posted by: pyc 10. May 2010, 12:51

You can get the full release from

Posted by: Pendaz 10. May 2010, 16:46

Thanks wink.gif

Posted by: boy blunder 10. May 2010, 21:12

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: RedBand 30. Jun 2010, 20:05

Thanks again.

Posted by: G3R3N 29. Aug 2010, 11:22

I'd love it if the tracks were split up, rather than being one file
Any chance?

Posted by: pyc 29. Aug 2010, 17:43

you can do it easily with some cueing utility.. lots of freeware ones, if you can't find, ask here...

Posted by: Captain panda 29. Aug 2010, 18:16

QUOTE (G3R3N @ 29. Aug 2010, 05:22) *
I'd love it if the tracks were split up, rather than being one file
Any chance?

Like pyc said, there's plenty of software that can do this. I use but there are plenty of other options out there. Google has the answers. yes.gif

Posted by: anomaly 31. Aug 2010, 12:05

super thnaks

Posted by: cannabis 07. Nov 2010, 19:17

coOL! jamaica.gif

Posted by: l33z3r 18. Nov 2010, 01:32

love the cover art... gonna burn this for the car!!!

Posted by: IrushiNo 20. Nov 2010, 00:42

QUOTE (pyc @ 31. Mar 2010, 20:08) *
Socialist Republic of Torrentech


going to bed with smile of face is always better anyway.

Posted by: l33z3r 23. Nov 2010, 20:24

wow, been listening to this CD for a while now. There are some really good productions here! Good work lads!

Posted by: l33z3r 25. Nov 2010, 18:15

Wow, Dieu is a killer track, fair play Re-Drum!

Posted by: Daniil174 12. Dec 2010, 17:23

Great job

Posted by: fourreux 01. Feb 2011, 21:31

Great Music! But I cannot split the thing. (and I'd like to)

Got no Problems with the cue file from Vol. I. But this one just wont split.

I'm using mp3splt on linux and it sais that the cue file is invalid. Anyone else has got this problem???

Posted by: tiagobsc 07. Feb 2011, 20:36

Thanks alot man! Downloading and listening... =D And seeding =P

Posted by: darkwoox 08. May 2011, 05:46

Looks great ! i take it bunny.gif

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