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> Creating torrents in Linux with Krusader file manager
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Tired of pushing many buttons while creating torrents in your favorite gui client? It's convient to automatically make private .torrent file with Torrentech announce URL, using User Actions on a current directory in Krusader (long right click, or you can even assign a keyboard shortcut).

1) Go to Krusader User Actions (Settings>Configure Krusader>User Actions>Start ActionMan)
2) Create new user action, fill the Identifier, Title, Tooltip fields with whatever you want to call your action.
3) Command field should be: transmission-create -p -o /mnt/dat/"%aCurrent("yes","no")%".torrent -t %aCurrent%
4) Execution mode normal, Default shortcut at your will...
5) Install transmission-cli package: "sudo apt-get install transmission-cli"

Replace /mnt/dat/ in Command field with whatever .torrent file output directory you want to be.
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