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> IRC Guidelines
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Please ensure you are aware of the following guidelines in the IRC:

  • Please use your Torrentech username in the IRC.
  • Read the welcome topic before asking questions.
  • Be respectful to each other & IRC Operators and Administrators.
  • Op's & Admin have the final decision, if they say stop and you continue, you will get kicked and maybe even be banned from the IRC server.
  • Do not ask the Op's or admin for Voice, Halfop or Op privilages 
  • Do not link shock sites or anything NSFW (not safe for work) without a warning. If in doubt, ask an OP
  • Do not leave your Caps Lock on all the time. It gets annoying, and you will likely get yourself kicked.
  • No prejudice, especially related to race, religion, politics, ethnic background, etc. It is highly suggested to avoid this entirely.
  • Flooding is irritating and will merit you a kick. This includes but is not limited to: automatic now playing scripts, pasting large amounts of text, and multiple consecutive lines with no relevance to the conversation at hand.
  • Do NOT use bold, mIRC colours, blinky text, or ANSI codes. They mess up many peoples screens.
  • Impersonation of other members (particularly staff members) will get you permanently banned.
  • Excessive spamming is strictly forbidden.
  • Spamming of other radio stations is strictly forbidden
  • Obsessive annoyance both to other users and staff will result in you being kicked.
  • Don't PM, DCC, or Query anyone you don't know or have never talked to without asking.
  • No language other than English is permitted in the main IRC.
  • The offering, selling, trading and giving away of invites to other trackers is forbidden.
  • We only have 1 Gobot! any other bots put in place without our consent will be removed
  • Do not abuse Gobot - She bites back!
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