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What's an .nfo file anyway? An .nfo file is a text file containing information. Scene releases usually come with an .nfo file describing the release, and most of you have probably seen one, but never really cared/known about the details. .nfo files are not only text files, but more specifically MS-DOS text files using code page 437 and a line width of 80 characters. They often contain ASCII art, which means text characters composed in such a way that they make up an image. Code page 437 isn't very well supported in today's software, so much of the beauty gets lost if you don't know how to watch these files. Luckily all characters in code page 437 are also available in Unicode, which means that with appropriate conversion, .nfo files can be added to the description of your scene torrents, making them more visually attractive.

Viewing .nfo files
Viewing an .nfo file correctly in notepad is really easy. All you need to do is adjust the font settings as follows:

    * Format>Font... Choose the font Terminal.

    * Make sure the style is set to regular, and not bold or italic.

    * For best effect, choose one of the listed font sizes, not something like 10 or 20.

    * Make sure Format>Word Wrap is off.

    * When done, you might want to switch the font back to Courier New.

Creating basic .nfo

Music nfo builder is also totally easy/quick to use. just install it first

choose 'next' and it generates this screen...

click 'next' again to generate this screen where you can add notes/covers/etc...

now click the 'preview' tab and then click 'save nfo.' that's all there is to do it!
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