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> IRC - Basic connection guide
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Channel: #torrentech

If you are new to IRC don't feel ashamed, we were all new to it once. To get you started you should check out the Xchat client. (XChat: Multiplatform Chat Program)

If you don't want to download Xchat, or have other reasons (lazy), try using the online client we just setup. (Java Based / Ajax Based) Now I'll help some of you get started using Xchat.

Once Xchat has been downloaded and installed, go ahead and run it. You should be looking at a form called "Xchat: Network List". What you want to do now is replace all 5 text boxes (nickname, second choice, third choice, username, and real name) with the Nick (screen name) you would like to use in IRC. Next you want to click "+Add".

Rename "New Network" to Torrentech, or anything really, that just helps you identify what server you will be connecting to. Next you will want to click "Edit...", make sure you still have the newly created "Opensc" highlighted, and a new form called "Xchat: Edit Torrentech" should appear.

You now want to click the "Edit.." button on this form. Replace "newserver/6667" with "" (no quotes). This is the actual name of the server you will be connecting to. Following this, put a check-mark beside the "Auto connect to this network at startup" (because of course you want to join our server every time).

At this point you want to change the "Favorite channels" textbox to "#torrentech" (no quotes). This will automatically join you into the channel where we all are. Click close, click "Connect" on the "Xchat: Network List" form and you are now chatting it up with the big-boys in #torrentech.
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