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Special thanks to pyrho for making this Tutorial!!

Step 1.
First you need to get the mktorrent binary. This command line binary allows you to create .torrent files very easily.
Try installing it through your package manager (ie. Synaptic on Ubuntu or yaourt on Archlinux, etc.)

I'm running archlinux so on arch just do:
yaourt -S mktorrent

Step 2.
Now all you have to do is create the torrent using mktorrent.
Here is the mktorrent usage:

Usage: mktorrent -a [options] -o ...
  -bs       - piece size in KB
  -a         - announce URL
  -n       - dir for storing multiple files
  -nd            - do not include source dirs into torrent
  -o     - output file (.torrent)
  -pub            - torrent is public (can use peer exchange)
  -ig   - ignore files/dirs that match specified pattern
      You can specify -ig many times.
  -mt 'url1 url2 ...'
      MultiTracker tier group. You can specify -mt many times

Open a Terminal and run this command:


Replace by the name of your torrent (see this and that topic for more information).
And replace by the name of the directory you want to make a torrent out of.

If you have files that you don't want to share in the directory you want to share (like .DS_Store, or Thumbs.db for instance) just add their names with the "-ig" option. For example to exclude the file "Thumbs.db" from the torrent add the "-ig Thumbs.db" to the above command.

Step 3.
Now you can follow the offical topic on how to create a torrent file, pick it up from step 3.
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