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Many members complain about the search engine. Its not crap - its just the way you use it.
This small tutorial will assist with the posting of duplicate topics/releases - a.k.a "Dupes". This is not easy for MOD's to control and is always a pain for the uploader of the original, as their ratio can suffer due to this.

Before you get used to the settings and how to find keywords - I STRONGLY suggest that you use the following seach linkand not the shortcut that is on the left hand side of the page.

It looks like this:

1. Search by keywords - This is where you enter the information you search according to point 2.
2. Advance useage help - THIS IS VERY IMORTANT! Look at the descriptions below 
Detroit Techno---------Finds posts that contain at least one of these words
+Detroit +Techno-----Finds posts with both words
+Detroit -Techno------Finds posts with 'Detroit' but not 'Techno'
Detroit*----------------Finds posts with 'Detroit' and/or 'DetroitTechno'
"Some Words"--------Finds posts with the phrase 'some words of wisdom', 'some words' but not 'some noise words'

This is where most members unfortuneatly go wrong - so read and digest people!

3. Filter by member name - this is where you can enter a members name to search for more specific posts.
4. Search Where - this also enables you to seach only in certain forum areas. Should you want to search in more
    than 1 area - simply hold the ctrl key and choose by clicking on the mouse.
5. Refine search - Enables you to refine the search even more. This is something that I personally do not use - I would
    rather take an extra 1 or 2 minutes and get the correct information by scrolling, than missing something.

  • To find all albums by some artist type: +"Artist: Name_Of_The_Artist" in search field. Similar is for Album, Label... etc..
  • Always search before uploading a new release.
  • When you are searching before uploading a release do not specify which area - its better to generalize!
  • As mentioned at the top of this tutorial - start with this search before moving on to the quick search on your toolbar.
  • Search for obscure words in a release - rather than the more common ones.
  • Catalogue numbers and Disocgs ID numbers are a good way to narrow a search - but are not 100% accurate so be careful
  • Utitlise our Mycroft web browser plugin where you can - click for more info

If this tutorial cant help you...nothing will...
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