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Enter the world of RSS automated downloads! It commonly pays off, because you will probably upload more data than you download because fresh seeds are leeched by relatively many people compared to old ones.

It's possible to enter RSS feed URL(s) into your bittorrent client and then every new .torrent from the chosen category will be downloaded automatically. In uTorrent 3.0, you have "Feeds" in the tree to the left. Right click it and choose "Add RSS Feed", and enter feed URL. For automatic downloading, you must also switch to "Automatically download all items published in feed", on the same screen.

URL for torrent RSS feed is in following format:

  1. ID is the id of RSS feed: You may find it out by pushing the orange RSS button on the site (down there), going over the RSS links, and examining the URLs, in which you will find IDs for appropriate genres.
  2. You can find the PASSKEY value in My Controls > Your Torrent Passkey section (to the right). Also, you can find the passkey value by viewing any .torrent of yours and it's the 32-byte data found between "" and "/announce10", at the beginning of file.

RSS downloading discussion is here:
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