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IRC Announce Bot - Auto downloading

As some of you may have noticed we now have a real time announce bot added in IRC.
What this means is for those of you using Irssi (autodl-irssi) or other IRC snatching tools can now grab from IRC with more specific filters than is possible with the RSS feeds.

I've attached a tracker file for autodl-irssi (extract the zip and drop Torrentech.tracker into your  ~/.irssi/scripts/AutodlIrssi/trackers/ folder and either issue a /reload or if you're using the ruTorrent plugin then hit the Reload Trackers button). If you are using the community-autodl branch this has now been merged and can be installed with with irssi command "/autodl update" or by hitting the Update button in the ruTorrent plugin. Before using you will need to set an IRC key to be able to join the announce channel. This can be found under "My Controls" >
Upon connecting to IRC you'll need to request an invite to the #announce channel with the following command:
/msg Gobot authkey

Only fields that are announced in IRC can have filters set for them, these are:
Category (the forum name, eg: Techno, 2014 Breakbeat, etc)
Artist - Release Name (eg: Sasha - Involver)
Quality (eg: FLAC / Lossless)

You'll need to configure your autodl.cfg file after adding the tracker,  this can be done manually or via the plugin.

Example Settings:
[tracker ttech]

port = 6697
ssl = true
nick = nick-dl
ident-password = randompassword
ident-email = whatever@random.null

name = #announce
invite-command = /msg Gobot authkey my@email IRC-KEY-FROM-MY-CONTROLS

And finally you'll want to set some filters

Example Filters:
[filter Catch All]
match-releases = *
match-sites = ttech
rt-dir = /home/downloads/All
rt-label = Catch All
upload-type = rtorrent
formats = *
bitrates = *
download-duplicates = true
match-categories = *

[filter Dubstep 2014 FLAC]
match-releases = *
match-categories = 2014 Dubstep
match-sites = ttech
formats = FLAC
bitrates = Lossless
rt-dir = /home/downloads/Dubstep
rt-label = Dubstep 2014
upload-type = rtorrent

[filter Pop 320 MP3]
match-releases = *
match-categories = Pop
match-sites = ttech
formats = MP3
bitrates = 320
rt-dir = /home/downloads/Pop
rt-label = Pop
upload-type = rtorrent

Download Link:
Lo-Fi Version Time is now: 16.06.2019 - 18:35