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There is no real good explanation to our members of the warning system and how it works, so I thought I would write this:..... thoughts?

What is a warning and where do I see it?

  • Warnings are given out to those members who do not follow guidelines or posting regulations.
  • Warnings given in no way affect your ability to post or download (as long as you are not suspended ofc)
  • You can see the warning bar below your member name, avatar and details:

Who gives out warnings and how long do they last?

  • Warnings can be given out by Moderators and Admin and can last from 24hours to being permanent.
  • Warnings progress in 20% stages and once you reach a 100% warn level your account may be suspended for a period of time.
  • You will receive a PM from the Mod/Admin explaining to you why the warning was given, if you have not received anything feel free to send them a PM and ask why.
  • You can see a log of your warning history by clicking on the number of % warn you have.

General points

  • Learn from your mistakes! If you receive a warning it means that you are not doing something correctly. Read through the rules & guidelines again to make sure you dont make the same mistake!
  • Dont start posting on the forums or go to the IRC and complain that you got a warning. Take it up with the Mod / Admin who issued it in a calm and constructive manner!
  • Do not ask other Admins or Mods to remove the warning. The Mod / Admin will remove the warning when they are ready and the time stated has elapsed.
  • If you feel that the warning given to you was unjustified then you are welcome to contact the Mod/Admin who issued it  Any lifted warnings are entirely at the discretion of the staff member who issued the warning.
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