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>  SSL Connection (workaround)
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Many thanks to the member Idle for this

Firefox Users
  • Download the HTTPS anywhere add on
  • create a .xml file with the following code:

    <!-- Always love, always live. -->

    <ruleset name="Torrentech">
    <target host="" />
    <target host="*" />

    <rule from="^http://torrentech\.org/" to=""/>
    <rule from="^http://([^/:@]*)\.torrentech\.org/" to="https://$"/>

  • Name the file Torrentech.xml or similar
  • Drop the file in your HTTPSEverywhereUserRules folder (located in your Firefox default profile.
  • Restart Firefox and your done!

Windows Users:

Windows users can save the following code as install.vbs or install.wsh and run:
(Rule set is tweaked and differs from above)

Option Explicit
On Error Resume Next
Dim ObjShell, ObjFso, ObjFile, ObjFolder, Member, strAppData

Set ObjShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set ObjFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set ObjFolder = ObjFso.GetFolder(strAppData & "\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\")

For Each Member in objFolder.SubFolders
Set ObjFile = ObjFso.CreateTextFile(Member & "\HTTPSEverywhereUserRules\torrentech.xml")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<ruleset name="&chr(34)&"Torrentech"&chr(34)&">")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<target host="&chr(34)&""&chr(34)&" />")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<target host="&chr(34)&""&chr(34)&" />")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<target host="&chr(34)&""&chr(34)&" />")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<exclusion pattern="&chr(34)&"^http://radiosets\.torrentech\.org/"&chr(34)&"/>")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<rule from="&chr(34)&"^http://torrentech\.org/"&chr(34)&" to="&chr(34)&""&chr(34)&"/>")
    ObjFile.WriteLine("<rule from="&chr(34)&"^http://([^/:@]*)\.torrentech\.org/"&chr(34)&" to="&chr(34)&"https://$"&chr(34)&"/>")

Set ObjShell = Nothing
Set ObjFso = Nothing

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