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What is it?

The Bounty Request System is where you can make a request for a specific release and offer members a bounty as a reward for finding it. 

How to Post a request

1. Click on the request icon on the left hand menu.

2. Click on "New Request"

3. Fill in the same way as a torrent post following these guidelines

When your request has been solved, you will receive an automatic PM and you will need to confirm that the request is correct. If after 7 days you have not confirmed that the request is solved a moderator will check for you and you could be warned.

How to add a vote/ Custom Bounty

To add a standard 20mb vote, just click the icon in the "Votes" column.
Should you wish to add a custom bounty, click on the request you wish to add to and do the following:

How to fill a request

1. Click on the topic you will solve and add the "topic number" of the torrent post.

2. When the solved query is accepted you will receive a PM and your account will be credited.


  • A maximum of 30 unsolved release requests for members at any time.
  • Only full releases may be requested, those missing information may be deleted by a moderator.
  • Adding a new request is 100mb of bounty as standard, a vote is 20mb
  • No refunds of bounty will be given once you have accepted your request is filled.
  • You cannot fill your own requests
  • After 3 days if a topic owner has not filled a request, you may do so and get the bounty.
  • Low Ratio members are not permitted to post requests, but can solve them.
  • You must contact moderator if you want to delete your request. The bounty will be returned to you, plus to those who voted.
  • All columns can be sorted by clicking the column titles
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