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A BIG thanks to the member dimitri for this one!

There's always a lot of discussion about being able to preview a track before downloading. Well here is a simple technique that I always use if no preview link has been given.

All you have to do is add a custom search engine to Firefox. And when I say "custom" all I mean is that we are gonna search a list of sites specified by us as oppose to searching the entire web.
In this case we want to search sites that have previews available such as Juno, Beatport, etc.

Now to do this you need be using Firefox. Once you have Firefox we're going to use a website called Rollyo to compile our search engine.

1. Start by clicking this link:

2. In "searchroll name" type something appropriate such as - "Tt Track Preview"

3. In "sources" we are gonna enter our list of sites we want to search. Here is the list I use, you can add more if you know any and make it as big as you like. Just copy and paste:

4. Click "Create Search Engine" at the bottom of the screen

5. Now when the page loads you should have a dialog box appear on your screen asking whether you wish to add "Rollyo: Tt Track Preview" to your search bar.
Click "Add" and your ready to go.

All you need to do now is copy and paste the release your looking for into the search engine you just created and 99% of the time you'll get a preview.

For IE users:

Even if you don't use firefox you can still use this feature.

1. Simply sign up to (it's free)

2. Once you've done that from the homepage click "create a searchroll" on the bottom left of the screen

3. Now enter the details as posted above, then click "create searchroll"

4. Now from the homescreen copy and paste the release your looking for, select the searchroll you just created, then search.

If your on Internet explorer you can take this a step further and type the word "TEST" in capitals and copy the http address once the page has loaded
Now click the arrow in the search bar on the top right of Internet explorer and choose "add new search engine" follow the steps and paste the URL we copied earlier then click ok

That's it you should now have the same feature as firefox users.

Hope you find this as useful as I have.
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