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This will be a list made for Writer Offsets that you can input into EAC when burning a CD
Just like Accuraterip has the read offsets for drives

You insert this write offset here selecting your drive in EAC then:
EAC>Drive Options>Writer Tab

If people can it would be nice to post your drive and the correct write offset you have or have found

*People with the same drives can confirm if their offsets are the same

I will start of the list:

Write Offsets
CD Drive                                    Offset                          Submitted                    Agree

HP DVD Writer 840b                      +30                              1                              100% 

Plextor PX-800A                            +18                              1                              100%

Samsung CD-R-RW SW-252F          +6                                1                              100%


If you have not found your offset in this list
Do this to find it

Setting up write offset: Important!
Setting up EAC's Write offset
You must set-up your drives write offset.

A bit about GAPS and why there important here

To find out why is the offset important
Click Here

To find your write offset first we set the write offset on your drive to 0

Now get one of your retail albums you have ripped properly with EAC.

Decompress the retail album in .flac to .wav either using FLAC frontend or dBpoweramp to a random folder.

Decoding .flac to .wav in frontend

Now once converted copy the .cue from the original rip to the folder with the .wav's we have converted.

Now to write
Tools>Write CD-R or alt+W

Now in the windows click File>Load Cue sheet.

Now in the folder where you extracted the .wav's load the .cue sheet you copied into that folder from the original .FLAC rip.

*If you get errors. For example Line 48 does not match you will have to open the .cue in notepad and make sure the file names match exactly it could be a space or - (dash) off. then it should work

Burn the CD on the lowest speed possible.

When the CD is done, re-rip the cd you have just burned with the same drive you ripped the original retail.

Repeat the process of converting the .flac from the burned album to .wav.

Now you should have two copies of the cd in .wav. One being retail and one being the cd you just have burned

Go into EAC
Open up the WAV compare in
Found in Tools>WAV compare or Ctrl+W
Choose the same track (a track other than #1, so something like #3 is good) from the retail rip FIRST and choose that same track from the burned rip Second...

Now it should show something like this

Now we see that there are 30 repeated samples with this...
So now to your write offset you add 30 samples +30

If it was 30(or whatever number you get) missing samples then it would be -30

Repeated=(+) Missing=(-)
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