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Help! My ports are blocked!

You've probably arrived at this guide to help solve that problem. The goal is to fix your blocked ports and rid your torrent client of its "NAT Errors".

This page, for the most part, will assume that you're connected to the internet like this:

Cable/DSL modem -> Router -> Computer

It is irrelevant whether or not your computer is connected wirelessly, or if your router and modem are one unit.

But what's a NAT Error?
A NAT Error means that other computers on the internet are unable to connect to yours. This is normal, because most routers block all incoming connections by default.

Your router has an external IP address. You can see it at WhatIsMyIP or IPChicken. Your router assigns your computer an internal, or local, IP address. This internal IP address will be in one of the following formats:


The idea is to set your router to take any incoming connections directed at it, and forward them to your internal IP address.

How do I forward my port? hosts many excellent guides. Find your router on the list and follow the instructions.

What ports do I forward?
Look for a "Listening port" or something similar in your torrent client's settings. You should not have it set from 6881-6889, because many ISPs throttle or block traffic on those ports. It is good to just choose a random port between 10000 and 65535.

What IP address do I put in the port forwarding settings?
You put your internal IP address into your router's port forwarding settings. Here is how you find your internal IP address:
In Windows, go to:
Start -> Run -> cmd -> (Press Enter or click OK) -> ipconfig -> (Press Enter); It will be listed as IP Address

In Mac OS X, go to:
System Preferences -> Network -> (select the network connection with the Green dot) -> Configure

Do I choose TCP or UDP?
You will be presented with the option to forward your port on TCP or UDP, or both. You definitely do want to forward TCP, because that's what all torrent traffic travels over. UDP is optional, and does not affect torrents on private sites such as this one. UDP is used for your client's DHT service that allows you to find more peers on public torrents. Forward UDP as well if you use public torrents a lot.

What's this about a static IP address?
If your port forwarding guide mentioned that you should have a static IP address, then read this.
Your router automatically assigns your computer an internal IP address, like But sometimes it will assign your computer a different IP address, such as This often occurs because another computer connected to the router has already taken .101. This presents a problem because, for example, if you have your listening port forwarded to .101 and your IP address changes, it will no longer be forwarded correctly and you will receive a NAT Error. It is recommended that you follow this guide in order to assign your computer a static internal IP address. In Windows, if you find that only one DNS server is listed, then leave the Alternate DNS Server box empty or throw in an OpenDNS address like as backup.

Contrary to what the guide says, though, you should set your static IP address to a relatively high number, so that other computers on your network never have a chance of being assigned that number automatically (causing a conflict). For example, if your IP addresses are currently ending with .101 or .102, you should set yours to .244 or something, in order to avoid any conflict (.255 max).
A word of warning:
When you set your static IP address, you had to specify the DNS servers. In the future, your ISP may change these addresses. So if you ever have connectivity problems, change back to a non-static IP address and see if your DNS servers need to be changed to new addresses.
Oh no it killed my internet
99% of the time, when your internet connection stops responding after setting a static IP address, it means that there is a typographical error somewhere. You incorrectly typed in the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, or DNS Server(s).

Port Test
Make sure that a torrent is running, then use one of the following links to test whether your port is now open or not (replace 12345 with your listening port):

My port isn't open. It said:
Stealth/Blocked, with timeout/Connection timed out/Error!/Locked
Are you sure that you clicked the Save Settings button after setting the port forwarding rules?
Are you sure that you forwarded the correct port to the correct internal IP address?
Does your modem also have a built-in firewall that must be configured?
Are you sure that you had a torrent running and listening on the port that you tested?
Closed/Actively Blocked/Error!/Locked
Are you sure that you forwarded the correct port to the correct internal IP address?
Are you running any software firewalls (such as Norton Internet Security, ZoneAlarm, or Sygate) that could be blocking incoming connections? Note that the free version of ZoneAlarm does not allow you to open your ports under any circumstances.
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