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> Foobar2000 - making a plylist (M3U)
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  1. Get foobar2000 with the special installer, as it contains the album list plugin and Columns UI.
  2. Change the User Interface from Default User Interface to Columns UI (Foobar2000->Preferences->Display).
  3. Enable the database (Foobar2000->Preferences->Database).
  4. Save the preferences, restart foobar2000, and tell it the folder your music is in. Hit scan, and wait for it to finish. Save the preferences, and restart foobar2000.
  5. Seek out "album list" in the Foobar2000 preferences. Make sure that the "double-click action" is "send to new playlist". Save the preferences (dont restart foobar2000 this time).
  6. Go to Components->Album List. Make sure the viewing is by directory structure, and double-click on all the directory entries in the album list box
  7. This will generate playlists, with the titles of the playlists being the directories.
  8. Right-click on any one of the playlist tabs, choose "Save All Playlists", choose your format for the playlists and the output directory.

Thats it!
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