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1.  Create the torrent. In the pictures we’re seeding “the Blue Room”
2.  Be sure the “start seeding” button is unchecked. Save the torrent.
3.  Create the post and attach the torrent -be sure to follow the posting rules or your torrent may be deleted!

4.  Download your torrent form the site BUT when the “Add new torrent” window pops up you can’t just click “OK” because that will cause utorrent to try and download the files to your default download folder (as you can see from the picture, mine is called “TV torrents” but utorrent default is “downloads”). In the “Save As”, YOU MUST CLICK ON THE “…” button….

…when you click the “…”the “browse for folder” window opens. Here you find the folder you originally made the torrent from in the first place- in the example it’s the folder “the Blue Room”

-  Notice that we are “saving as” to the EXACT FOLDER WE STARTED WITH.

5. Now when you click “OK”, instead of trying to download the files, utorrent will check the folder to see how much of the data you already have and when it’s done, it begins to seed.
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