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1.  Open Finder and find the folder containing the files you want to share.  Keep this Finder window open.
2.  Drag the containing folder to Transmission.
3.  Tranny goes dark when you mouse over before it pops up a dialog.

4.  Edit the dialog so that the "Private" checkbox is checked.
5.  Make sure that the right tracker URL is filled in.
6.  If need be, edit the resulting file name (with the "Change..." button) so that it is in the format "Artist - Album."  If you let iTunes organize your folders, then you'll have to do this every time.
7.  After following steps 5-7, you should end up with something like this:

8.  Get your release info off of
9.  Go to the right forum and click the "New Topic" button.
10.  Fill in the title in the format "Artist - Album."
11.  Don't be tempted to fill in "Topic Description."
12.  Fill in the Discogs info in the body.
13.  Don't forget the format.  You should be able to figure that out via Command-I in the Finder or iTunes.  Don't forget .m4a extensions indicate an AAC format.  The M4A is a container.
14.  Now click the "Choose" button under Attachments and browse for your torrent.
15.  Click the "Add Attachment" button and give it a chance to load.
16.  Click "Post New Topic."
17.  This will take you to your new post.  See the .torrent file?  This is what you want to download to seed.  But first we want to take care of a few Preferences so we don't get in trouble and to make it easier to seed a lot.  That's the point, right?
18.  First with Safari open, open the Preferences with Command-, and go to the General pane.  Note the folder that downloaded files go to:

19.  Now open up Tranny's Preferences with a Command-, (making sure you've got Tranny up front).
20.  In the Transfers pane, General tab, make sure that the Downloads setting is on "Always Ask Me." * update at end of post
21.  Set the "Watch For Torrent Files" option to wherever Safari is set to download.  Remember step 20?  Go back if you have to.
22.  After following steps 18-22, you should have this:

23.  Now click on the Management tab and make sure the "Start Transfers When Added" option is checked:

24.  Now go back to Safari and click on that .torrent file.  It will download to the aforementioned downloads folder and Tranny will open it and the Dock icon will start bouncing up and down, so switch over to it so it will stop harassing you.
25.  You'll see Tranny's asking you where to download to.  Remember that Finder window we kept open from the beginning?  Drag the folder containing the folder that you dragged in step one to Transmission.  You're essentially telling it where it's going to look for the files.  Note that it tells you what folder it's looking to drop in, so make sure you put it in the right place.  THIS IS THE STEP THAT PEOPLE OFTEN MESS UP ON SO BE CAREFUL!  Like this:  * update at end of post

26.  If you did the last step right, you see it checking for files and happily loading up:

27.  And then, like a flowering lettuce, it goes to seed, turning green to indicate as such:

Now do it again!
And again!
and again..

UPDATE: On newer versions of transmission they have removed the "allways ask me" option as described in step 20. Don't worry. Just choose your favourite download location. This can be still changed at the moment of download.

On Step 25, when you download the torrent and transmission opens it, you'll get this window.

Click on the "Change" Button at the top and select the folder where the folder where you made the torrent from is. If you mess up here, transmission warns you smile.gif Sorry for the spanish. If you can't find it it is where it says "cambiar" on the picture.
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