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> Faktor & Vektor - Dolaze Teška Vremena, TT015 / FLAC / Lossless
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post 06. Jul 2009, 09:21
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good cop

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Artist: Faktor & Vektor
Album: Dolaze Teška Vremena
Label: Torrentech
Catalog#: TT015
Released: 2009-07-06
Style: Experimental

01. We Have Arrived (6:48)
02. Električna Žaba, Poluproizvod (5:26)
03. Vektor (5:59)
04. Dolaze Teška Vremena (Ambient) (4:38)
05. Osiromašeni Uranijum (5:56)

This time we bring you some session-type weird electronic music. This is so serious that you won't get any glimpse of how good it is if you don't listen to it from the beginning to the end. Right now, I keep on asking myself whether I actually need to spend more words on this release, but I will try to. As you can expect anything when you listen to the album, expect anything from me now.

Yeah, the hard times ("teska vremena" in serbian) finally came. Album name translation is: "Hard Times Are Coming". And it's not a joke - hard times are here, that's why this music is so dark, it's the reflection of what's inside. Yeah, this release is kind of epic to me, but don't get too excited if I tell you this... It's just that I am in some kind of time phase with my friend Dominator, this music really suits my mood very well. A display of how sick the music (or life?) can be. Da freaks come out.

Hard times, I guess we just have to live with them, until the time effect kicks in: wounds healed - scars remain, but how gives a shit about the scars? They can even be esthetic and functional too - remind us how stupid and weak we were.

Message from author:
faktor & vektor is a collaboration project of dominator and trut, belgrade based computer+drums duo producing experimental music ranging from drum and bass, jungle and techno all the way to abstract ambient. it is founded in 2005 and to this date have no official releases, although their music is already featured in some movies and tv series, and also in public on various events ranging from dnb to abstract noize, performed and remixed by phase, codex, dominator, kdes and kosmoplovci.

dominator is active in music scene since 1993, producing all kinds of electronic music under various names. he is also a wide known demoscene, music and art activist, being the main person behind corrosion and kosmoplovci groups, involved in numerous projects as music, video, design and programming artist.

trut is best known as being a long time collaborator with serbian musician rambo amadeus, following him and supporting with live drums for most of his carreer, starting back in 1988. he is a bit less known for being a huge music activist, especially supporting and spreading jungle and drum'n'bass scene starting from the early days, but also having an open ear for the experimental side of electronic music. his drumming skills are exceptional and he is widely respected as being one of the best serbian drummers (if not THE best...) but he is also quite open-minded and interested in collaborations that can bring him to situations to develop and create new sounds and ideas by merging best of both analog and digital worlds. this was the point where dominator and trut met and understood each other, and started to make music together as faktor & vektor.

the name of the album 'dolaze teska vremena' means 'hard times are coming', it is not a prophecy it is a fact. however, as dark as it may be, the truth will be ultimatelly be found by brave warriors. faktor & vektor are doing their part in the continuum.

this is faktor & vektor first public release.
you've seen it first on torrentech.

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( Size: 206.97K ) Number of downloads: 57

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( Size: 241.66K ) Number of downloads: 10

Download torrent as text file  Attached File  TT015___Faktor___Vektor___Dolaze_Teska_Vremena.rar.torrent
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Size Filename
180.37MB TT015_-_Faktor_&_Vektor_-_Dolaze_Teska_Vremena.rar

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post 06. Jul 2009, 11:09
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drunken fool

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The first of the FLAC's ... nice one mate!
Ill get this in a few days when my connection allows.

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post 06. Jul 2009, 22:26
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This is REALLY dark stuff... Dark music for Hard times. Could drive you to depression...
Anyway good work and thanks smile.gif
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post 06. Jul 2009, 22:26
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ok let me check this out, also will help seeding for a while.

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post 06. Jul 2009, 22:54
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Brate, drago mi je da vidim nase ljude ovde, pogotovo ako josh i kreiraju muziku. Ali stvarno nisam uopste u fazonu ove "muzike" (zvukovi?). Ali mislim da bi bijo dobar soundtrack za neki Film, bas mogu da zamislim nege bolesne scene sa ovim smile.gif


I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 06. Jul 2009, 23:09
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Japanese Synthesizer

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As was said, really dark stuff. I worry how would appear tha darkest then.. Some noises without rhytm maybe. I see in it the picture of nowadays though and I have to agree, it's rather depressing release. But what I don't like on it is that every song is lasting five minutes and every minute is just the same as the one before. Some live into it and would be great! Till that, best of dark is for me Zodiac sleep.gif

I listen to everything I upload here, and I upload it because at least one track is always worth it.
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post 06. Jul 2009, 23:11
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Music is the space where the soul lives
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post 06. Jul 2009, 23:11
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Thizz Or Die You Beezy!

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Just recived an email about this one, sounds pretty tight, gona check it out right now, Thank you very much in advance

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 06. Jul 2009, 23:45
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Thanks for this, downloading now.
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post 07. Jul 2009, 00:35
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Thanks for the new release, cant wait to check it out!

Bass doesn't sound good, it feels good.
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post 07. Jul 2009, 00:35
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Since I got a mail about this one I might as well check it out.

Thanks for the upload.
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post 07. Jul 2009, 01:24
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Thansk, Ill check it out
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post 07. Jul 2009, 04:53
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good stuff, keep it up, thanks for the music, it's truely a good listen
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post 07. Jul 2009, 06:47
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O, very much cool! nuke.gif

...I love this music, I love this philosophy...
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post 07. Jul 2009, 08:03
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<?php user(); ?>

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To be honest, I don't like it. This - music - is so weird... :-/

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post 07. Jul 2009, 14:18
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Let's check it out smile.gif

I ♥ Torrentech!
------------------ - always love.....always live
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post 08. Jul 2009, 03:47
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This is REALLY dark stuff.

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 09. Jul 2009, 07:43
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Will try! Thanks smile.gif

I ♥ Torrentech!
------------------ - always love.....always live
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post 09. Jul 2009, 13:44
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QUOTE (Vipe @ 06. Jul 2009, 23:54) *
Brate, drago mi je da vidim nase ljude ovde, pogotovo ako josh i kreiraju muziku. Ali stvarno nisam uopste u fazonu ove "muzike" (zvukovi?). Ali mislim da bi bijo dobar soundtrack za neki Film, bas mogu da zamislim nege bolesne scene sa ovim smile.gif


Opa, srbin iz Zuricha. Do jaja biggrin.gif

Bash me zanima shta su to nashi skockali, sacu skinem.

Thanks for the upload, downloading it now. ^__^

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
~Leopold Stokowski
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post 13. Aug 2009, 10:57
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Good release. My personal favorite is "We Have Arrived" , looking forward to get more Faktor & Vektor releases. smile.gif

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post 19. Aug 2009, 14:51
Post #21


Thanks for the upload. Can't wait to check it out
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post 20. Aug 2009, 09:26
Post #22


LOVE this release!!! Difficult, unruly music for difficult, unruly times.. Particularly enjoyed the contorted/mangled beats (if you can call them beats), nice and noisy too!

The first and last tracks are particular favorites, though I get the feeling I'll be listening to the entire release for some years to come.

Thanks to the artists for their work thumbsup.gif
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post 22. Jun 2010, 23:44
Post #23


nuke.gif yes.gif
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