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> Hardcorrosion - Brain Damage, KOOI0002 / MP3 / 128k CBR
post 04. Jun 2007, 22:52
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Artist: Hardcorrosion
Album: Brain Damage
Label: corrosion / kosmoplovci
Catalog Nr.: CRSCD01 / KOOI0002
Released: 1996
Style: Breakbeat / Hardcore / Industrial / Experimental

01. dominator - intro (4:32 / 4.3MB)
02. dominator - phuse (4:02 / 3.8MB)
03. dominator - lamer hunt (5:09 / 4.9MB)
04. dominator - fokin dead (4:11 / 4MB)
05. dominator - thcore (3:19 / 3.1MB)
06. dominator - metallic brainwash (3:28 / 3.3MB)
07. dominator - afterlife (3:34 / 3.4MB)
08. dominator - repressive thoughts (6:35 / 6.3MB)
09. dominator - brain system collapse (4:45 / 4.5MB)
10. dominator - wandering (3:52 / 3.7MB)
11. dominator - severe brain damage (4:39 / 4.4MB)
12. dominator - phuckinin darkness (4:01 / 3.8MB)
13. alex - breakzone (2:25 / 2.3MB)
14. alex [remix by dominator] - mighty dub players (3:08 / 3MB)

tracks 13-14 composed by alex,
track 14 remixed by dominator.
all other tracks, post production, CD mastering and audio tape recording by dominator.

BRAIN DAMAGE, released in december 1996, was our first attempt to make some kind of promo release which will present our best work in various music styles. it is also the first release treated as a label production.

Originaly, BRAIN DAMAGE was created as promo tape entitled hARdCoRRoSioN promo v1.o but after succesful entries on radio station's top lists and making of our first video for phuse we decided to make this an official release, renamed it to BRAIN DAMAGE and made it available on audio tapes.

as our technical knowledge grew, we managed to make BRAIN DAMAGE our first CD master, but due to a cost limits, the actual release was still distributed on audio tapes. however, sound quality was a large advance comparing to THE MIX, mainly because of new technology and software which allowed us to burn cd tracks directly without analog conversion.

after the while, we decided to release it online, so it is now available as module release #56: crs_brd.lha (2,588,884 bytes) or as 128kbps mp3 files [packed in zip files].

BRAIN DAMAGE presents 14 tracks in more or less 5 music styles. It begins with dark ambient INTRO which announces four 200+ BPM hardcore tracks. After them, the unfortunate listener is confronted with the experimental METALLIC BRAINWASH followed by the dark industrial AFTERLIFE. REPRESSIVE THOUGHTS easilly beats up the tempo and set it to trip-hop/breakbeat pace in the next 4 tracks. Last two tracks are a bit of old-school breakbeat phused with industrial sounds.

This torrent release of BRAIN DAMAGE contains mp3 version of the album, with all source modules included in octamed soundstudio format.

Download torrent as text file  Attached File  KOOI0002_hardcorrosion___brain_damage__1996_.torrent
( Fullsize: 57.58MB, Seeders: 2, Leechers: 0, Completed: 28, Size: 20.31K ) Number of downloads: 32



Size Filename
2.68K KOOI0002_info.txt
5.81K braindamage.html
291.8K braindamage.jpg
20.88K braindamage_small.jpg
8.14K crs-promo2.txt
194.04K crs_brd/01 -
185.03K crs_brd/02 -
251.88K crs_brd/03 - lamer
185.43K crs_brd/04 - fokin
213.55K crs_brd/05 -
360.51K crs_brd/06 - metallic
447.13K crs_brd/07 -
192.45K crs_brd/08 - repressive
537.63K crs_brd/09 - brain system
194.9K crs_brd/10 -
393.99K crs_brd/11 - severe brain
319.54K crs_brd/12 - phuckinin
440.61K crs_brd/13 -
457.41K crs_brd/14 - mighty dub
4.64K crs_brd/crs_brd.readme
328bytes crs_brd/file_id.diz
4.16MB mp3/01 - dominator - intro.mp3
3.7MB mp3/02 - dominator - phuse.mp3
4.73MB mp3/03 - dominator - lamer hunt.mp3
3.83MB mp3/04 - dominator - fokin dead.mp3
3.05MB mp3/05 - dominator - thcore.mp3
3.18MB mp3/06 - dominator - metallic brainwash.mp3
3.28MB mp3/07 - dominator - afterlife.mp3
6.03MB mp3/08 - dominator - repressive thoughts.mp3
4.35MB mp3/09 - dominator - brain system collapse.mp3
3.56MB mp3/10 - dominator - wandering.mp3
4.26MB mp3/11 - dominator - severe brain damage.mp3
3.69MB mp3/12 - dominator - phuckinin darkness.mp3
2.22MB mp3/13 - asarhad - breakzone.mp3
2.88MB mp3/14 - asarhad - mighty dub players (dominator remix).mp3

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