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> Fourteen Zeros - Meals, TT007 / MP3 / 320k CBR
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post 19. Jan 2009, 09:13
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not a cop

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Artist: Fourteen Zeros
Album: Meals
Label: Torrentech netlabel
Style: Experimental
Catalog: TT007
Released: 2009-01-19

01. Breakfest (3:48)
02. Brunch (5:57)
03. Lunch (5:49)
04. Tea (5:23)
05. Dinner (5:48)
06. Bonus: WuMaster (9:42)
07. Bonus: Junky (3:46)

Don't worry if the melody becomes random, that's intentional, yeah. If the melody looses its connection to the rhythm, there is nothing wrong with it. Even if you loose the touch with reality while you're listening, there's nothing wrong there too, because this music is made to put you in some abstract worlds where the only rule is that there's no rules. The only thing that you should worry about is actually not to listen to this stuff too much, realising in the end it may not be of much help if you want to increase your mental awareness of the real world wink.gif. Let me be direct and descriptive: this is actually some very good hypnotizing shit: glitchy, bleepy, noisy, repetitive, but sensible, melodic and rhythmic in the other hand.

Sounds are well produced, the trips should be a decent copy of composer's mind, this one is very enjoyable by ones who "want more from the music". Just one thing more, really pay attention to recorded phone call linked down there! Weirdo...

Message from author:
There is no method or purpose in the production of Meals. It is a strictly nihilistic endevour. The album was produced with Ableton in a single day in 2007. Fourteen Zero's instructed me to tell Torrentech listeners that he died during the album's production. A recorded phone call is included with this note.

I would describe the Fourteen Zero's music as a large nimbus cloud. Gaze into the cloud and you can perceive elephants, spaghetti, or kingdoms in the sky. Or, as one listener described the music on myspace: "It sounds like a thousand pebbles in a washing machine."

It is great experimental music and fun to mix.

~ Sean Eddy
sean [at]

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85.41MB TT007_-_Fourteen_Zeros_-_Meals.rar

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post 19. Jan 2009, 22:14
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I will listen

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 19. Jan 2009, 23:03
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sounds sweet, I'm downloading now!

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 19. Jan 2009, 23:11
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I'm Lovin' it!

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We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

I ♥ Jesus!
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post 20. Jan 2009, 02:21
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rebloch team

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sound good, i will give it a try yes.gif

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 20. Jan 2009, 02:34
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thanks it sounds good , i'll give it a dl

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 20. Jan 2009, 04:17
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Sounds Good

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 20. Jan 2009, 04:37
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When I was at the second track... I begin to understand what Pyc is trying to do (is doing yes.gif ) with his "Good experimental" Music Meal... it's a little dificult to describe with words. All i can say is that, it can
get you offline of the stressed world for some minutes.

and ,i had a sincere laught at the second track. sweat.gif

Good Job!!! thumbsup.gif

I ♥ Torrentech!
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*N. Pariah*
post 20. Jan 2009, 08:26
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That's some far out shit there man, jacked in my MDR-V6's and enjoyed, thank you!
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post 20. Jan 2009, 16:57
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That is some nice sound. Like it very much. Breaks some ideologies of mine. Never actually liked any noizecore or breakcore, but this was an experience, and is defenetly going to my meloman collection. thumbsup.gif
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post 20. Jan 2009, 22:08
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Well the replies here made me intrested in this music
will give it a try, im always up 4 some new mind-experimenting suicide.gif tunes

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 21. Jan 2009, 01:59
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Brilliant release! The way the beats and atmosphere drift away from each other, its awesome!
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post 22. Jan 2009, 12:06
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To be fair, it DOES sound like it was made in one day, with very little effort, so I guess at least the description is accurate...
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post 06. Feb 2009, 23:32
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sounds sweet

I ♥ Torrentech!
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post 10. Sep 2009, 03:59
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Experienced Freek

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nice gona download it thanks!!! turned.gif

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