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Full Version: Identify These Nice Songs for PYC!
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Please do not add any more ID requests in this pinned thread, thank you! smile.gif

Please get the file and tell me if you recognize something...
16. ->

i'm interested in nr. 7 also, i think this is taken from a l. garnier's set..

thanks, do you have it?
i tried to find it, but it seems like it's not available on internet...

as for 7... yes i know the song, i just forgot to re-upload archive without it... smile.gif
there's now 3 more songs in archive...
QUOTE (pyc @ Feb 12 2007, 07:50 PM) *
thanks, do you have it?
i tried to find it, but it seems like it's not available on internet...

unfortunately i don't, but i'll try to find it for you.
27 - Mark Rae - Lavish, taken from Hotel Costes 7.

26 Could be "Everything about the girl".

That's all I can say.
thanks for 27., i'm getting the whole cd now, but i wouldn't say so for 26.. smile.gif
Im no techno fan .. but let see if i can help out

1- seems like a Devilfish - Manalive remix
2- dont know the beats but the acapella is from Pete Tha Zouk - Kashmira
18- i have it in a 1996 techno mixed cd released in portugal "X-CLUB mixed by X-MAN", but ... i only have the track name .. not the producer its called "ARC 3" the label is "MCA" released by "BMG Ariola" "MCD52007"

i hope i helped

ok i found 18 its "Spacer IV - Arc 3"
18th song's definitely not spacer iv - arc 3 smile.gif
sad.gif ur right m8 sorry

it prolly is Deephole in Loophole - Floating

sorry for the mislead im uploading it right now tongue.gif
Loophole was always the best!! Thank you so much!
Why did you delete mp3s which you have identify? Maybe someone else is searching for it to.
we can agree it is very very the rare case, and i'm deleting them because i want to save people's time and bandwidth...
6 is: Wuz (=Alex Gopher) "Use Me"
yes i know, but which remix?
Alex Gopher with Demon presents Wuz - Use Me (Fantastic plastic machine "city lights")

Is 6

Can be found here
no. 14 Watchman - Watchman's theme

you can find it on Distance To Acid Trance 2
#23 = The Seed - Zeb
Hi and sorry for adding a new ID request here, but I can't create a new topic dry.gif

So... does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 5:58 in this video ?
I guess...

#2. David Tort - Beer & Skittles (Ethnic Beercapella)
Oh yes, a bit of a late reply (I didn't receive notification), but that's it for track 2. smile.gif
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