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Joey Beltram
Mr. C
Space DJz
Astral Projection

...enough, my batteries are filled. wink.gif
oh now i get it >.>

i touched.. mhm tomcraft, lutzenkirchen, oliver koletzki. couple more i guess cant remember
Sasha, Nick Warren & Daz Emerson
lol pyc, strange post tongue.gif

my next question would be "where did you touch them" tongue.gif

in my case, i not only touched Alex Paterson (the orb) but he mixed on the decks i used to use back then - same thing with Mark Gage of Vapourspace who also dedicated a 12" to some mates and myself

oh and Giles Peterson mixed on the decks i used too, though i didnt touch him tongue.gif

Other than that - i have shook hands with DJ Sneak, Mr Mike of the 'black and white bros', and im sue ive patted a couple of others on the back, but the moments escape my failing memory tongue.gif

oh and i guess this doesn't count, but while we're throwing the main dude's in the box of proximity, i also have Oscar G. And Ralph Falcon of the Murk Bros in my AIM contacts tongue.gif
fun little topic. okay lets see... hmmm, oliver koletzki, Troy Pierce, Magda tongue.gif, Kavinsky, Busy P, Tactile, Housemeister, Trentemoller, and the one guy from MANDY.

My favorite to touch was magda of course muahahha
hawtin and magda
Craig Richards...Fabric......From what i can remember
lets see now....

my mate muking around on decks at his house. does that count? ahah
Well, let's see:

Derrick May, Dave Seaman, Satoshi Tomiie, Lee Burridge, Nick Warren and last but not least, Trentemoller - I keep the party galleries here: [except for Trentemoller's party - I forgot my camera at home sad.gif ]
Andy maccoy, the dude just walked up to me and signed my shirt. Started talking and bummed a ciggarette from me. We chatted in finnish for a while and then he went onstage... (was working at the festival he played at...)

I have still not washed that t-shirt and its really starting to reak btw...
princess superstar smile.gif
Miss Kittin, Uffie, Peaches. Touched for the very first... ahem.
petter and paolo mojo.

fucking around at 530 in the morning my mate mooned petter as he was getting a drink from the bar. so petter went fuck this and mooned him right back aahahah
Hello ppl. I have shaken a couple of Hed Kandi hands wile I danced at El-Divino on Ibiza last summer. I also talked to Lovely Laura on Sax, then and last time she was in Oslo, Norway. She is realy okay. So if I go to Ibiza this summer she told me to say hello to her. There is also a roumer about moving Hed Kandi to Space instead of hitting it at El-Divino. And she could actually tell me that there is some trought in it.
Funny topic:

Sharam (nice guy)
David Guetta yucky.gif (im pretty sure hes gay)
D:Fuse (we hung out at his place after he played)
Paul Van Dyk (stepped on my foot as he left Space) teehee.gif

oh and almost all the Miami residents cedric gervais, oscar g, ralph falcon, ivano bellini
met most of those miami mainstays, also paolo mojo and (shudder) "DJ" Clue... unsure.gif
I usually don't go up to the dj's, like my friends do. I think I'm a bit afraid of being viewed as a groupie, since I am a girl and all. I've had some experiences in which the dj didn't like me much coming up to him, so I usually don't do that anymore...

I had some great experiences with Marc Romboy tho, he seemed to like the attention. And Ellen Allien, what a woman! :-D
To bring back the topic: I've touched Feadz tongue.gif

i've had dinner with
sven, ritchie & aquaviva, jeff mills, johaness hiel, heko laux, green velvet, surgeon, steve bug, frank lorber, richard bartz, dave angel, fumiyja tanaka and the list goes on ohmy.gif)

and u guys must think im pulling your leg.. ohmy.gif)
you wish i was..
QUOTE (MUX @ 21. Aug 2008, 00:03) *

i've had dinner with
sven, ritchie & aquaviva, jeff mills, johaness hiel, heko laux, green velvet, surgeon, steve bug, frank lorber, richard bartz, dave angel, fumiyja tanaka and the list goes on ohmy.gif)

and u guys must think im pulling your leg.. ohmy.gif)
you wish i was..

how'd u manage those?
blowjobs all round?
Cristian Varela (i have to take his autogram, hes the best technician behind the decks i have ever seen), Bando, Marko Nastic, DJ Misjah, Dejan Milicevic, Virgin Helena biggrin.gif... and a couple of them so... and Ben Long... funny thing about him is that at one party it was anounced as Space DJz, Ben Long only showed up and guess what... he had one broken arm.. the man was mixing only with one hand smile.gif.. I had to shake his arm for that.
I caught Chuck D and Flava Flav when they were stage diving a couple of months ago biggrin.gif
Now I'm thinking about this post...and I think I didn't touch anybody ever!!!Is everything OK with me???
Do you think that I should touch DJ's more often???
Lucio Fulci
Kevin Saunderson. Shook his hand over the decks at the end of his set, part of the Good Life 20th anniversary tour. biggrin.gif
nice. kevin saunderson is the man! love his new remix of the presets - this boy's in love.
I touched each member of Motion City Soundtrack.....
i touched my self before . . .
Shook Jeff Mill's hand over the decks once, i think.

i've had dinner with
sven, ritchie...

I hope Ritchie ate a suitably minimal meal. Did he just have some water in a soup bowl? mnmeal..

what an idea for a post...beside all the others I played with and touched there was one which is outstanding...Ken Collier Frankfurt Mayday 1995 The Great Coalition.

The last Track he played - I had to know it and also wanted to tell him that the German words wich were jused in it "Nie mehr Haus" mean "no more house". I went to the front of the platform, nearly everybody wants an autograph and he decided to talk to me, it was way to loud so he gave me an hand to come up to the platfrom, the security was really enraged. I talk to him for a short time...I'm really glad that I had the chance to meet him.

Long, long time ago...but it's good to remeber, by the way I never found the track it was from Brother Johnson (I think it was:-S) ...any one an idea?

Greetz houze...
I touched, well even talked to him and his girl friend including making a picture of both, Joe Claussel and on that evening had a short Hello to Dixon. That was during the bday party of Manuel Göttsching in Berlin / Watergate.

and than I had a nice little chat (including handshake) with Ra.H.
ahahah weird post blink.gif

i touched paul kalkbrenner, sascha funke, sis, sven vath, mathew jonson, heidi, dinky, cassy and many more...

Aphex Twin, met him in a men's room.
chilled with kissy sell out and his g/f with a few spliffs round my friends house after a pretty much "private" party...chester freshers didnt wana go see kissy so he just played for 20 of us smile.gif
Have shaken hands with Excision, KiloWatts, Pitch Black (both of 'em!), Robb G, Bonobo
Highfived Venetian Snares
...and I gave Boreta props 2 days ago!
The boys from ctrl z, dopamine, one of the guys from the utah saints (proper nice guy he is), my girlfriends had dinner with freq nasty (such a groupie tongue.gif), had a swig from the bodyy snatchers whiskey bottle at glade festival biggrin.gif
I haven't touched any but my main aim in life is to punch Tim Westwood
haha i've touched westwood at my uni, someone called him a racist as well... he's a bit of a joke to be honnest but anyways
artists i've touched
Alix Perez
Laurent Garnier
Sven Vath
and some DnB djs that i don't necessarly like but they were playing at my uni so I thought i might as well.
luckily my girlfriend works for the newspaper so i get to go backstage at almost any event with her. iv touched and had conversations with so many artists its not even funny. highlights would be justice, bassnectar, a skillz...
lexy & k-paul smile.gif
got my mobile phone signed by them..
I touched the DJ From slipknot. He jumped off the speaker stack and everyone was trying to take his mask off. I got like... 4 or 5 of the signatures afterwards. ( First Venue in Wichita, KS )
QUOTE (jokles @ 25. Mar 2009, 10:10) *
I touched the DJ From slipknot. He jumped off the speaker stack and everyone was trying to take his mask off.

there's a DJ in slipknot? laugh.gif
richie hawtin
.. thats all that really matters
sven väth @ the love family park 2008, never washed again lol
Benga, Plastician and still waiting for a decent third!
ehm... does it count if they touched me? unsure.gif
Miles Dyson, Donald Glaude, Carl Cox..
Just Satoshi Tomiie... oh and Armin Van Buuren when he stayed at the Hotel I work at. I love this topic! Jealous of the guys that have touched Trentemoller!
chan marshal of cat one true love/ she also gave me the rest of her red bull.
Several: but the ones that immediately pop up are: The Timewriter and Terry Lee Brown jr. cool.gif
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