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Full Version: So I went to see Redlight (Clipz) in Prague...
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After some time, I finally left school (didn't finish it) and got myself nice lazy job - thus money. I haven't seen any artist live for some time so I was really looking forward to seeing Redlight last saturdy at Roxy club in Prague (Czech Republic) - happens to be the biggest club in here.
We entered the club at 1:30 Am when Redlight was about to start, and the first thing I noticed was... man, the sound is really terrible. Too much bass on way too weak sound system caused every snare to sound the same and vocals to become totally misunderstandable. Still, you didn't even feel the bass inside your body! Well, it's Redlight right and after all that time without seeing anybody live I really felt it again, so I started dancing immediately and didn't notice weak weak performance of all people around me for next 2 hours. I went right under stage for a while, but after 6 tracks I noticed there are only men hugging each other really intensively and me in the middle, being the only one in there really dancing (there way like 1 or 2 meters of free space around me at that moment, and lots of slow motion zombies behind the perimeter) so I moved right back into my nice corner, still completely focused on the show.
First of all, there way this place dedicated for mix and lights and visuals devices, 3 guys in there, 2 of them constantly smoking and one looking somewhere and pushing alternately 2 or 3 buttons. Visuals completely out of sync (I don't hesitate to say there wasn't even any intent to sync it from the beginning), lights out of beat, and sound still same fucked, only getting louder and louder.
And the crowd was so retarded! Redlight was so confused he switched every style he could to make them move, without success. He was probably so pissed he left right after 3 am, without any good bye, passed the decks and left. Next dj was a little more successful and the last one at 3:30 finally made the kids moving - with fucking pop dubstep. You know, that kind with heavy synth parts and pop melody parts. When some kids yelled 'Yeee dubstep' I had to sit down and leave after a while, this was too much. I wouldn't even wonder if some of them asked Redlight earlier to play finally some dubstep during his set (NO, I actually don't believe they did).
After this I underwent 150km comedown travel back home.

I don't even know why I'm writing this, still totally confused by what i saw there... so I hope you guys understand me, because me and my friends ran out of there totally pissed off. I got used to the feeling of being the only one dancing in the club (even to the feeling of being the only one in front of the stage at all), I don't give a fuck about the rest of the republic, but this must have been real pain for the DJ. After this and few other shows, I am getting this feeling that UK DJs might never want to visit Prague again... When I compare what I heard about Fabric and this - fuck it.

I really hope my journey to Berlin in October won't let me down biggrin.gif

EDIT: Just for the comedy, check out the photos if you wish - last one is probably around 2am. It almost looks like there wasn't this large group of people standing right in the middle of the crowd holding full beer in one hand...
Oct. 7th, Sub:stance @ Berghain
Adrian Sherwood
Robotic b2b Skratch
Panoramabar: Get perlonized...

Ty smile.gif I get money on 15th tho sad.gif
Ahh ok, then when will you be in Berlin?
After 15th probably, still not sure where to go.
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