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Full Version: A word about trance here on site...
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Being at Ozora festival this year I gained some insights into the trance scene worldwide... I can say the scene is vibrant, and maybe even the biggest(!) compared to techno, house, dnb or dubstep. I mean, I know there are many festivals around, but I think that amount of people coming to listen to various trance styles (mostly psy and progressive) can't be compared to any other festival in the world. The level of spirituality you get on trance festivals is something I'm thinking about too, there are no corporate sponsorships, they truly doing it mostly for fun and good living, and money is secondary thing definitely.

In that sense, I think I may say Trance section here on Torrentech is practically dead and it really doesn't reflect the electronic music scene nowadays, and I'm kind of sad because of it... Trance definitely deserves better treatment in this community.

So I will put an appeal to all trance lovers to seed more of that stuff. Personally, I'm mostly into trance these days and will give my best to try to find some good seeds... I just need to get myself off the Bad Company 2 addiction, it's getting serious amount of time constantly for several months now wink.gif
There's very little, if any new Trance that actually impresses me. As for Progressive, the closest thing I've found to it is melodic minimal/techno. Though we could do with some 90s classic trance uploads (harthouse) (eye-q) as well as Goa/early psy.
I really am not a fan of Trance music, is there any you would recommend that might change my mind?
Here's some older stuff, but still essential:
A Voyage Into Trance Vol. 2

Hang on... another 2 good releases are coming this way, I just have to download then and seed 'em... Oldskool also.
As promised, another two legendary mixes/compilations:
Tribal Science
Dragonfly - A Voyage Into Trance

An that was just the Goa side of Trance, there are lot of other styles... Even Vocal/Uplifting/Euro Trance can be so good as far as I'm concerned, some of the Armin Van Buuren's mixes are pure bliss. Check Progressive Psy, Tech-Trance and Progressive also...
World needs more trance like this:
It's ok, but this is more for the people: Stephen J. Kroos - Formalistick smile.gif Finest example of Tech-Trance.
Here is what I call Trance

But it's hard to find such tracks in the 21st century.

I never liked GOA and Psy Trance. That is what is produced in 95% of the time nowadays. It's maybe why I abandoned the trance.

Here is another example:
Yes Globe, and that's classic trance that is completely dead today, Rebirth - Pure is my fav also, it's Extreme compilation if I remember with even better tracks. That classic trance is sounding kind of raw compared to finest contemporary psy for example. For example... Triphonic - Digebass from Javanese Peacock compilation is pure trippy quality, could rave all night with tracks like this... May be said this is the finest example of Progressive Psy ummm... something else ...

P.S. oh my, I didn't even know back then what is PsyProg wink.gif
People tend to upload neo-trance in Techno or Mixed styles sad.gif I highly recommend it to people who feel tempted to minimal and trancey melodic vibes. It almost feels like techno stole the whole thing for itself.

+ downboy has some really nice proggy and psy sets, great stuff to listen to.
QUOTE (IRMA @ 28. Aug 2011, 11:40) *
downboy has some really nice proggy and psy sets, great stuff to listen to.

This! downboy been dropping some awesome sets on the radio. thumbsup.gif
the trance scene is massive, if you consider the giants like tiesto, seb fontaine, paul van dyk, all trance djs and absolutely massive.
then on the psy side of things, likes of infected mushroom are considered massive nowadays too.

I consider myself pretty open minded musically, I enjoy certain artists from just about every genre of music out there, within and without EDM, but I always find myself coming back to Trance. It is what first got me into electronic dance music back in high school...I remember putting some Oakenfold mix (that I would probably laugh at now) into my walkman, was on the beach at night by myself in the summer, found myself dancing around under the full moon. not something I would ever have done before. it was one of those life-changing moments. trance still gives me the highest highs, drugs and alcohol not required. and yes...the community...i totally agree with what you said pyc.

I can't recommend Above and Beyond's weekly podcast highly enough, if you are looking for a place to jump in, or even if you know your stuff. 2 hours of really solid stuff every week, almost without fail. great driving and jogging tunes.
Ah yes OZORA... this year was my first time there and I loved the vibe & freedom. See you at BOOM next year admin? teehee.gif

I'm a big fan of old/newskool goa trance & been following that scene for a good amount of years now. Here in Belgium the main label is suntrip records but there are many others which are good too.

There are allot of small-scale cozy goa parties going on which I prefer over the massive events.

Last week there was a party in one of the biggest clubs here in Belgium (Fuse aka Blaes208) with some older psytrance headliners (Cosmosis, Talamasca, U-recken, ...) and I've never seen the place so packed. There is definatly an audience for it!

I would love to upload more but sadly my ISP is shaping traffic & limiting torrent upload speeds. confused.gif
There is allot of free releases on for those interested!

See you on the trancefloor yes.gif
QUOTE (Fre4k @ 10. Dec 2011, 21:31) *
Ah yes OZORA... this year was my first time there and I loved the vibe & freedom. See you at BOOM next year admin? teehee.gif

That's kind of very possible smile.gif ... At least I will go to Ozora again if not Boom... It's all very spiritual thing...
Trance is pretty cool. I really like the psychedelic acid trance, goa trance, hard trance, melodic trance, and tech trance. Armin van Buuren's State of Trance episode 421 is a really good example, especially after the second hour. I stopped listening to the show a few weeks after that, but that's where my interest in non-psy/goa trance was peaked. Goa trance is one of my favourite genres, especially that hard or heavy stuff. Euphoric melodies are good too, especially in hard trance, so it's almost like trancey hardcore at 140-150 BPM. I'm also a fan of the slower, progressive chillaxed stuff. I imagine being at a beach when the sun is low and feeling good when I listen to this.

Not too many fans of the genre where I'm from, but it seems like it's really big in Europe from here.
I bought Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport cd when I was 17 years old but eventually grew out of trance into deeper styles of house. Few years ago I started opening my mind up to any sort of electronic music which pleased my ear and stopped caring about labels or what people thought of my musical taste. As someone who loves synth sounds, trance music quenches my thirst. Sometimes the sound is so huge and epic. While uplifting trance is cheesy and some of it is basically pop music, trance is also close to classical music and some of the melodies in trance are far from generic pop. For all the cheese there are select tunes which are drenched in as much emotion as a Massive Attack, Portishead or Burial.
My suggestion would be to dig though stuff from '96-2001 or so. Beyond that (most) trance started morphing into some sort of deadmau5 type of shit.
If you have the time to dig through all the deadmau5 type of shit you may find some good trance music!

The new stuff that is most popular since 2002 or so I think is not very good, I prefer the trance that really takes the word "trance" and sends me there, accompanied by mindblowing beats and intricate melodies.... it's perfect when you're high but not high enough for goa. just my take on it smile.gif
I say there's always good music, you just have to dig deep. Even Goa is alive and kicking today, believe it or not... And still everybody think it's dead.
I was in Goa for the Millenium parties.
I had a blast. It was so much fun enjoying Goa Trance in Goa. thumbsup.gif
yeah indi, that thing is one of must-do things in my life smile.gif
Just put up a couple gems. Would mark them freeleech if I had such ability smile.gif

Fragrant Sense - Mixed by Doran
Trance Atlantic Communication V.01: A Mix By Mark Tabberner
minimal psytrace from 2001-2002-2003 is what i love... paste,POTS, early iboga,tatsu,ZMA,danish stuff, german stuff...

what on earth happened after that ... i dont know... shit got too shiny... sick.gif

i have uploaded some years ago an album in that vein

Nowdays zenon & darkprog fill that itch now but its like a substitute not the real thing...
took a listen... can't say it's my cup of tea. too oldskool and too minimal.... i say there's still production today ... check this: my fav Sensient track, you can leech it here too.
thank god for zenon , Cosmic conspiracy records etc for keeping the torch smile.gif alive

i have some requests btw in the 2001-2002 psyminimal style should anyone in the know has them


i seriously dont know... is it because of software-itis or something else? but i find todays proggresive too.. clean and smooth... i cant get the thrill like i get with this..

something that i think its more recent but falls under this vein:
i know its not everyones cup of tea... but... this is what gets me jamaica.gif thumbsup.gif woot.gif woot.gif
The Aussie trance scene is alive and kicking hard. Bush doofs galore!

I'll list a load of producers from that side on the planet when I have more time.
Kudjo Gypsydelic
guys! you have my full support, psychedelic support! yes.gif
Enjoyed listening to some of the tracks posted, never used to get trance at the time but listening back now i love it.

i stumbled across this mix from Evian Christ

Not what i imagine trance ever couldve evolved into but i like what i hear, any further suggestions for manic raved up trance a la Evian Christ?
i listened to psychedelic trance in all its variations for almost ten years now. The culture and partys are mostly very nice and uncommercial, thats true. although the spirituality you mentioned seems often quite fake to me. But nevertheless ive been to great partys and festivals where i had an amazing time, and experiences that changed my life. Ill always keep the gallopping, hunting beats in my heart i guess. At the moment iam completley sucked in from proper techno and industrial smile.gif I guess when you listen to a style or genre for a long time you get a bit bored somehow, atleast thats what happened to me. I can perfectly predict any psytrance song. I mean i know when the buildup starts, i know the effects, i know the atmospheres. That gets boring with time. And that at most partys theres only the "commercial" psytrance and progressive is played doesent help either. Also here in Switzerland there was some kind of commercialization (is that a word?) of the psyparty scene. there are far less underground partys out in the woods then there used to be. Partys are mostly going on in Clubs nowadays. I really really love this kind of music nevertheless and i guess i will always have a blast at good festivals like Lost Theory, Modem, Boom or Sun-Festival or even at the smaller festivals here in Switzerland. Just a side note about ozora: Theres one guy who ownes the land, and he kicked ot the rest of the organisators some years ago, because they dident want the festival to grow even more. They are making sun-festival now, which is much nicer in my oppinion, because its smaller, less waste, no idiots, better acts, better feel in general.
QUOTE (OVER9000BPM @ 02. Feb 2016, 14:34) *
Just a side note about ozora: Theres one guy who ownes the land, and he kicked ot the rest of the organisators some years ago, because they dident want the festival to grow even more. They are making sun-festival now, which is much nicer in my oppinion, because its smaller, less waste, no idiots, better acts, better feel in general.

Something being huge like Ozora festival is, is not guarantee it will be bad or good, but what I can say about change in organization is that they did manage to maintain and in some fields improve good legacy previous crew has set up. I wouldn't say SUN festival has better lineups... SUN is almost only Progressive whereas you can hear many Darkpsy/Hi-Tech acts at Ozora and it's good when you can hear every style of Psy. What I dislike, but just a little bit, is that nowadays you can hear practically every genre of electronic music except most commercial Trance and House music, and there's even too much of non-electronic acts for my taste. They are kind of losing focus on Psychedelic. Give me Full-On/Progressive by the day, Darkpsy/Forest/Twilight/Hi-Tech for the night, and some PsyDub/IDM/Psychill to chillout to occasionaly and I won't ask for more. That's exactly what Ozora used to be. smile.gif

P.S. Previous year's new wood building by the mainstage which has primarily chillout properties is AMAZING. Never been to better place in my whole life. The smell of a building, made from freshly chopped trees was unforgettable, I'm just asking myself will the smell persist so I can feel it again this year. smile.gif
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