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can someone explain to me these retarded area code restrictions on beatport? the best they could come up with was "sorry". cunts. well ill just download it instead, there goes another sale. dont blame piracy (i would have gladly paid for it, but was not allowed to) blame this stupidity of the record labels.
I can't explain it but I do understand and share your frustration.

Why is it that releases for the japanese markets quite often better packaging and worse still bonus tracks !!!!

So if you are a fan of the artist you then have to pay import prices (which is usually at least £25) for one or two extra tracks thats just plain wrong. releases should be standard all tracks all remixes regardless of where you are in the world.

And yeah its another reason why people download.
I recall recently trying to buy a release from Juno "Due to copyright restrictions you cannot buy this product in your country"

Seems like more and more that Beatport and friends want to dramatically lose sales! Their business model is as follows:

biggrin.gif <- 1 person in an unrestricted
/ \ country purchases an album.
/ \
All it takes is this
one person to provide
for the entire world
over BitTorrent.
/ \
/ \ / \
/ \/ \ / \/ \
Everybody and they mums
gets it for free!!!


o--o\ /o--o
/ / \----0----/ \ \ <----Peers and swarms love each
o /\ \ | / /\ o other and share great art biggrin.gif
\o--o \ /o\ / o--o/
\/ \__o | o__/ \/
o______/ \______o
\ /
\ SEEED! <3 /


>:( D:< >:|
:'( <----The industry blames pirates
>:?| >:@ instead of the initial cause:

Geographical Restrictions.

The law is its own enemy! Citizens are their scapegoats!

Codebox needs 100% perfect monospace!! geographic_restrictions.txt
is it the artists or the labels that decide this??? because some artists are almost entirely unavailable in australia. i would like to think its the big evil faceless label responsible, but the above situation makes me question this...
Could be down to either.

Some artists sign different distribution deals in different countries, meaning that some labels might only be allowed to release it in one county (this could be a choice of the artist or the label). Check whether the song is available on another label too - maybe you'll be able to buy it there.
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