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Full Version: How to find music that you like?
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As a noob on this site, I have to ask qustions that sound stupid biggrin.gif But.. the problem is real... there are 50 times more artist nowadays then 10 years ago... and its 50 times harder to find something you like... how do you do that? friends recommendtions or what? I am not DJing, but have lot of other things to do musicwise (not strictly related to electronic music) so.. I would avoid listening new stuff fot hours every day to find something I like. Even if I do, I have probably missed something really good recently. Even if I have "regular" recommendations from friends, that doesnt mean I didnt skipped something that I like, but not my friends etc.... Although friends recommendations help, because there is a lot of garbage music, regardless of personal taste, that should be filtered out so its more likely to find something you like.... I am lost. Really. How do You do it?
download mixes by djs you like. listen to stuff on the same labels as other stuff youlike.
for example. i like ramadanman, so i dl his fabric mix and stuff on his record label, hessle
Thanx... I have a first reply! biggrin.gif yeah, thought about listening to mixes and spotting tracks I like . Sometimes, there is bunch of stuff on label and I like a few particular tracks... Nevertheless I'll start from there ... . Thanx for advice, appreciate it.
Well, go for the labels your artists usually choose to release on. Best choice really, for example I like James Holden so I go thru Border Community label he runs.
Also go thru 'people also bought this' or something like that on beatport, it sometimes help.
And finally, I always go thru releated videos on youtube, almost always at least one of 10 related to the one I like has the similar sound. But yeah, that usually takes most of the day that way smile.gif

Also pick your fav artists websites and facebook and such, some of them recommend stuff they like there.
The problem is that I dont go clubbing much as i did a couple of years before... im not into "scene" always surrounded by people that share interest in electronic music. Also I am really jumping through genres : 2 years ago I listened mostly minimal, then I started to explore dubstep and now I want to hear some fresh tech house. Also, since Im interested in making music, in general, not just electronic, I virtually stopped listening mixes because I want to listen individual tracks and analyse arranggment and form of good ones. I know, I get it now that I went to extreme, I shoulda listen to both mixes and tracks. Anyway, you see why I am so lost. Its like .. I have reset my brain, and now just want to find good music like a "newborn" , or somebody who got frozen for past two years and dont know which DJ's and artist shine nowadays. I know in my head what am I searching for , but I rarely find it, or it lacks something. OK, I know... You'll tell me "So why dont you make your own music then"? biggrin.gif Well, I would like to have some references biggrin.gif
get a beatport account and start tracking artists and labels that you currently like (beatport has a feature that does the tracking for you). Pretty soon you'll add more and more as the artists you like appear on new labels (and obscure ones).
Ghetotblaster works wonders for this. Download their scrobbler and just play music you like. It will auto suggest similar artists for you.
I find that you need to sift through a lot more now than you used to.

Its nice to have more options though I guess.

As others have suggested - listen to mixes / podcasts etc and check out the tracklists then look for other releases from those artists, check out other releases on the same labels...

As another person said get a beatport account and follow people & labels that you like. Check out the cart facility as well where DJs you like will regularly post top 10s they're currently playing.

Think the new beatport is going to have a reccommended to you section as well. Based on the last order you placed with them it'll reccommend stuff you may like.
Btw anybody can recommend mix sites/podcasts that publish playlists as a rule, and more dance oriented, as opposed to RA or LWR where the podcasts are kind of obscure.
Couple sites I know you'll like wink.gif

My ultimate music tool: --make an account and add your favorite artists to your library and then either you can look at the sites recommendations OR you can just go to whatever artist and it will give you the closest 5 artists that are similar.
Im not a big fan of this one because it has limited control but this is a player that plays similar things to what "station" you typed in. For example you could listen to a "dubstep" station or even a "pantyraid" (or any other artist name) station.
hint: listen to the member with higher credit numbers. More downloaded, more listened, more known, more experience.
also follow uploaders and search genre's and artists. a lot of times you can find multigenre releases that cater to specific preferences. a lot of similar sounding producers know each other and feature each other on their releases. just know that you are gonna have to sift through a lot of shit before finding the real gems
some of the sub genre filters on beatport are really good. once you find one you like, dive in and start sifting smile.gif
And SEED damn it! I invited you to seed!!!

Only when you seed I will love you. O.O
To get more ideas to find music u like, u can also use discogs to check on what albums, labels etc. artist appear. Apps like spotify also work great to find and listen more music/artists u might like.
Hi, DJCM linked in a post to some site I thought this was pretty cool, so I looked up some more sites like it. The one I liked most is this one:, because you can actually listen to the artist. All evening I've been listening to some artist linked to the ones I knew. I was supprised by the amount of artists it knew, but still, for the smaller names, you won't be able to use them.

Another way to learn new tracks is listening to podcasts or downloaded mix sets from DJ's of which you found out they spin quality tunes.
Thanks for asking. I'm in the same boat at the moment with regard the complete n00biness, so it's good to know I'm not alone, and there are some great suggestions here. Lurkmoar ninja.gif
I find most of my new stuff just by searching similar artists and u - tube of all places.
xim. yes you're in the same boat as waster- the sinking one. You're both not seeding which is the most important thing to do to find music that you like. Nice thread anyway!
pyc is very good, but i can't go to next track smile.gif)
I found some artists through compilations I liked. Some from tT some from Winamp suggestions of similar artists. See an album you think you may like here perhaps, search for it on utube & similar to see if you like.
There's quite a few topics similar to yours with lots of recommendations.
I sacrifice virginal blood to the flames and the next top artists come to me in my dreams.
Poking them too close to the fire.

Bit further away. Towel under arse
Read about recently which might be nice to discover some new music, certainly was fresh for me.
For discovering new (old) music, I'm subscribed to a bunch of youtube uploaders that are in the process of converting their record collections to videos. Also checking out the freeleech mod's choices on here helps of course... and often I'm searching for an artist or genre in the Search Box, stumble upon some old forumthread like 'Looking for jazzy jungle trip-hop tracks?' and BAM there's another 2 hours worth/lost of finding new music ttlove.gif
Use, scrobble, then check recommendations.
Alternatively, search for the artist you like, and then see a list of similar artists.
I don't know if anyone mentioned Mixcloud. But basically you can search for the mixes with you fav tracks on it and eventually find new ones that you like...
I use a lot too (collages are great)
probably already mentioned and if not Im sure you know of it anyway. But its a great way to find new tracks. Follow artists you like and you will be notified of tracks they like.
Follow record labels that release albums you like. Look at other artists they released, and then look at the labels those artists had releases on. Like artists you like on facebook, and labels. They will post free tracks and let you know when albums are going to drop.

Basically follow labels and artists you like on facebook and soundcloud
try download mods choice
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