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Full Version: What if everything was hyped up in the same terms as Dubstep?
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I've noticed that when it comes to dubstep, breaks, d&b, glitch-hop, and various other genres and subgenres of "harder" electronica, the words used to describe tracks, artists, EPs, etc are often ridiculously unappealing in any other context... Almost how back in the 90s calling something "bad" was considered to be good, and even today, something that is "sick" is generally approved of...

Which makes me think... What if other companies started advertising their products in the same terms that we use to hype up electronica? For example:

Introducing the new McDonalds DubMac!
Piled high with 10,000 of the toughest, nastiest beef patties. Its totally the grimiest meat we've ever eaten! Your mouth will ooze with massive amounts of wobbly, squelchy, dirty ass fucking cheese! Eating this sandwich is like suffering blunt force trauma to the head! With one bite of our disgusting, filthy, mashed-up burger, we guarantee that your heart will stop, drop, and explode! We're fucking serious! Gorge yourself, and prepare to feel your asshole rip as we induce the most massive shit-fest your bowels have ever endured! Thats right! Projectile shit! And vomit! Simultaneously! This burger is so disgustingly filthy, it fucked your mother during childbirth! Eat it! Fuck you!

So maybe I got a little out of hand, but I've seen all of these words and phrases used on this board, youtube, and other electronica discussion forums... What other products could we hype the same way we talk about our electronica? Discuss...
I'm hungry.
Om nom nom.
good should create one of those 'extreme adverts' for that
Aha I laughed hard at your MacDub description laugh.gif

New Chanelle Number 3000! The dirtiest, filthiest odour money can buy. Spray this nastiness all over yourself, and watch as some dumb motherfucker gets too close and drops down dead. This shit makes mustard gas smell like roses.
Herbert West
Grimey Diapers: Will hold all your filthy shit, no matter how heavy the drop.
i could use a DubMac now ... or 2 wink.gif
Dubsoap: The fucking filthiest soap around! This shit is so grimey, you won't believe how fucking dirty it is until you try it! This shit cleans your filthy ass up in the sluttiest way possible!

Try dubdirt today: The dirtiest dirt ever!
tongue.gif "Eat It! Fuck You!"
Ahahaha, great opening post smile.gif).... I can say bad functions way better than good in modern society... Here's an example: I consider myself a real pacifist, but still... I play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and I feel so good. Killing, headshoting, combat knifing, acting like animal in survival process. I'm completely hooked up and addicted, again... Don't plan to stop. That is real alternative reality there... Not very human, but so fun and interesting, definitely.
dammit I want a DubMac now
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