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> How to make .torrent files and seed them, tutorial for newbies 
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post 02. Mar 2007, 08:36
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  1. Download and install ĀµTorrent.

  2. Create new torrent -> add directory -> get the folder with your files
    - Tracker:

    - Start seeding - unchecked.
    - Private torrent - checked.
    - Leave all other settings as default.
    - Create and save as, save the .torrent somewhere, but this .torrent WON'T be the one that you seed with!
    - Close the window.
    - Again, DON'T OPEN THIS TORRENT IN uTORRENT, you can't seed with it!

  3. Make new topic on the site, in appropriate subforum
    - Be sure to follow rules for posting.
    - Add a torrent file as an attachment.
    - Post new topic.

  4. From the submited post, while you're logged in, DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN .TORRENT (just left-click on it), open it, and then your favorite bittorrent client should open asking you where is the data you want to seed. You then choose the directory in which the directory or file you want to seed resides. uTorrent will then run a check on that spot on your hard drive and if it finds the directory you want to seed, you begin to seed after the check!

  5. IT IS VERY CRITICAL THAT YOU DON'T TOUCH YOUR SEEDING DIRECTORY! Any change in your seeding directory, including renaming files and writing ID3 tags, will result in broken .torrent, and you won't be able to seed properly. So when you seed, forget about that directory, don't even listen to music from it because there are some "smart" audio players that can change files. Or, use XMPlay which is quite cool player that won't mess with your files... smile.gif

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