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> How to post new topic and seeding procedure, You must follow these rules, or your topics will be deleted! 
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post 09. Aug 2007, 12:56
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Rules in other languages available here.

Torrentech is all about quality & standards. Posts not following our rules will be deleted or moved to Incorrect topics subforum! If we all put just a little effort into it, we can make the most enjoyable community on the web!

Please read the following carefully:

  1. Spend some time thinking whether the release is good enough. You should consider quality both in terms of the music itself and audio/video. Unless you are an experienced torrenter, we suggest that you try a torrent in the Test seeding area to get used to our system.
  2. You're not allowed to post:
    • Discographies or multiple albums as one torrent
    • Single tracks if they are not official releases or self-released by artist
    • Incomplete releases
    • Mixes or compilations without tracklists
    • "Radio / Podcast Mixes" - such as Radio 1, Resident Advisor etc
    • Unofficial self-made compilations

  3. Only releases from established labels and netlabels are allowed. This is defined by having at least 5 releases with 3 different artists.
    It is however at the discretion of each moderator to override this decision should they wish to do so. Exception is that each moderator has the power to accept an ineligible release assuming the subjective quality of the release is good enough. There are no requirements for this decision other than moderator discretion and post quality. We remain open for good music as much as possible. Weblink is needed as a proof the release is officially released on some label or self-released.
  4. Don't make duplicates - only if you are posting at a different bitrate or format.
    Please use our search function!
  5. We use Discogs where further information about releases can be obtained. Please use our Auto-populating tool for all Discogs releases.
  6. For releases that are not on Discogs, the following format MUST be used:

    01. Artist* - Track Name (3.24)
    02. Artist - Track Name
    *Artist is used only for various artist releases.

  7. Do not use any coloring for the post, as well as fancy characters where they don't belong.
  8. Any reviews, extra links, extra artwork etc etc are to be added in a new post, not anywhere in the original .torrent post.
  9. The name of the .torrent file should be the same as the topic title, but with an underscore (_), instead of a space.
  10. Select the correct encoding & bitrate quality using the drop down boxes provided. Those listed are the ones we accept. Archives (zip, rar, gz, tar, etc...) ARE FORBIDDEN!
  11. Files you distribute should be properly named, numbered/lettered and ID3 tagged. Playlists are also a good practice.
  12. All files must be encoded with same encoder using the same settings.
  13. Transcodes and re-encodes of lossy (mp3, wma, ...) files are forbidden.
  14. Announce URL is:
  15. Attach your generated .torrent to new post.
    Multiple torrents in one topic are forbidden! For further information on generating .torrent files, please read here for experienced or novice users.
  16. To be able to seed, YOU MUST download your .torrent file attached to post, because our system adds your unique identification to it, so Torrentech can award you with the credit for uploading.You can't seed with the original .torrent file you made! Again, you must download it from your message, while logged in with your account! It's actually a ".torrent passkey" system, which helps us to build a decent community.
  17. You should make the .torrent file with the "private flag" enabled! This is because we want to disable DHT functionality in clients, to keep our ratio system functional.
  18. It would be cool if you add this file to directory you are seeding to help spread the word about Torrentech.
  19. It is strongly advised that you read the following links:

All other help topics can be found here

Most of all, I hope you have a nice time here with us smile.gif Enjoy, seed and remember that we are all here for one reason!

downloading - the basic human right. nothing less!
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